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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 04/27/17
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Men’s Golf League
April 24
    Fourteen teams arrived at the Darlington Country Club on Monday evening to open up the 2017 Men’s Golf League Season. It quickly became apparent that the “old timers” like Chub, Cinnamon, Ringo and Osterday who made this league so great, have long ago been replaced by the league’s new “old timers” of Jean, Hastert, Tuescher and the like.
    It is with great pride that we carry on the Monday Night League tradition that those that were so passionate about this game, started so many years ago. It’s fun to hear the newbies refer to “Snaggle tooth” on 3, LeRoy’s mound on 5, and Howery Country like we old-timers have so aptly landmarked many parts of this challenging piece of manicured pasture. 
    It’s the same game with new faces and new challenges, but many of the stories remain etched in DCC folklore forever.
    Week #1 saw Bryson’s Hotshots get off to perfect 5-point start as they blanked Avon Locker. Last year’s champions, Fritz’s Burners, handed new sponsor, My Turn Pub, a 4-1 lesson, as did Reilly Plumbing over Pastor Nick’s “new guys” also winning 4-1. 
    In the battle of the Legends, Fred’s original team defeated Legends II, 4-1. Blackbourn’s got by DDS 3.5-1.5, Mexican Cheese creamed The Club 3.5-1.5 and Wagner Pest “Controlled” Jean Construction by the same margin.
    Only three golfers were able to break the 40 barrier. Medalist Brent Tuescher fired a 38, followed by 39s from Dan O’Brien and Nick McElrath. 
    Flag prizes were earned by Bryan Black with a tee shot on #1, Adam Reichling with a nice 2nd shot on #4, Cody Bredeson with a close 2nd shot on #6, and long putts by Ray Spellman on #7 and Don Hastert on #9. For the first time that I can remember, no one hit the green on #5 for that flag.
    Skins were won by Steve Pilling with a birdie on #4, Dan O’Brien on #5, and Bob Gould on #7. Low team net was won by Wagner Pest Control with a 138 total.
    The course is taking shape following a rather mild winter and with some new ideas and challenges it should prove to be a fun-filled season.

First-Half Standings: Bryson’s Hotshots 5.0, Fritz’s Burners 4.0, Legends Bar & Grill 4.0, Reilly Plumbing 4.0, Wagner Pest Control 3.5, Mexican Cheese Producers 3.5, Blackbourn’s 3.5, DDS 1.5, The Club 1.5, Jean Construction 1.5, Legends II 1.0, My Turn Pub 1-0, The New Guys 1.0, Avon Locker 0.0.