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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 05/25/17
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Men’s Golf League
May 22
    Even though some finished in the dark and got wet doing so, everyone completed their matches on Monday Night despite threatening weather all evening long.
    The Hotshots remained atop of the leaderboard despite suffering a 4-1 drubbing by The Club. DDS made the biggest move of the night as they pitched a shutout to Reilly Plumbing 5-0 and moved up four places in the standings. DDS also had low team net for the night. 
    Wagner Pest Control slid to fourth as they split with Avon Locker 2.5 apiece, and Fritz’s Burners got bulldozed by Jean Construction 3.5-1.5. Legends II made their move toward contention with a 4-1 win over Mexican Cheese. The New Guys got by My Turn Pub 3.5-1.5, and Blackbourn’s squeezed by Legends 3-2. 
    Tough pin placements along with deteriorating weather made for higher than normal scoring as nobody was able to break the 40-barrier. Cody Bredeson, Puppy Whitford and Nick McElrath shared medalist honors with solid rounds of 40. 
    Skins were earned by Cody Bredeson on #1, Torri Thuli on #3, Don Hastert on #8, and  Nick McElrath on #9. 
    Flags went to Harry Blackbourn for his tee shot on #1, Ed Wiegel’s long putt on #3, Bill Tuescher’s tee shot on #5, long drives on both #8 and #9 by Pete Wiegel, and Puppy Whitford’s long putt on #9.
    We take Memorial Day off next week and hopefully come back to warm and dry weather in June.

First-Half Standings: Hotshots 13.0, DDS 12.5, The Club 12.0, Wagner Pest Control 11.5, Fritz’s Burners 11.0, Blackbourn’s 10.0, Mexican Cheese Producers 9.5, Jean Construction 9.5, Legends II 9.5, Legends Bar & Grill 9.0, Avon Locker 9.0, The New Guys 9.0, My Turn Pub 8.0, Reilly Plumbing 6.5.

Ladies Golf Notes
Tuesday, May 16
Low Gross: Midge Steger, 45. Low Net: Mary Kurth, Gayle Soper, Elaine Wiegel & Midge Steger, 35. Low Putts: Gayle Soper & Elaine Wiegel, 14.

Flag Prizes: #1- Jane Jean; #2- Lyle Ann Simmons; #3- Elaine Wiegel; #4- Midge Steger; #5- Mary Kurth; #6- Lyle Ann Simmons; #7- Midge Steger; #8- Gayle Soper; #9- Gayle Soper.


Fayette Horseshoes
By Adam Meyers
Thursday, May 18
    The standings are tight after 2 weeks, which is typical until everyone’s handicap stabilizes. After going 0-3 in week 1, Rod installed new lights at the pits & found the brightness to his liking as he & Dave took 2 from Adam & Mike Gould Sr. Bob & Jim took all 3 from Mike & Donny despite Mike’s good scores. Eric & Chappy took 2 from Cary & Shirly as Cary was looking for a larger spot. Jeremy & Mike split their 3 matches with Dusty & Lance 1-½ games each.
    On a serious note, kudos to Rod for the new lighting. It seemed to be appreciated by all.
    High games: Eric 112, Mike H. 111, Dusty 110. High series: Mike H. 305, Dusty 300, Bob 296.

Standings: Dusty & Lance 4.5-1.5, Eric & Chappy 4-2, Bob & Jim 4-2, Adam & Kevin 3-3, Jeremy & Mike G. 2.5-3.5, Mike & Donny 2-4, Cary & Shirly 2-4, Dave & Rod 2-4.