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R.J. Sports Scoreboard - 08/24/17
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Darlington Ladies Golf Notes
Tuesday, Aug. 8
Low Gross: Mary Kurth, 42. Low Net: Rita Hermanson, 29. Low Putts: Mary Pilling, Mary Kurth and Pam Gould, 13.

Flag Prizes: #1- Pam Gould; #2- Carol Johnson; #3- Marilyn Whalen; #4- Nancy Steinhoff; #5- Mary Lou Tuescher; #6- Mary Pilling; #7- Harolyn Hastert; #8- Jean Gille; #9- Pam Gould.

Tuesday, Aug. 15
Low Gross: Rose Schulte. Low Net: Rose Schulte. Low Putts: Rose Schulte.

Flag Prizes: #1- Janet Mosley; #2- Rose Schulte; #3- Mary Jo Riechers; #4- Midge Steger; #5- Diane Colbeck; #6- Elaine Wiegel; #7- Rita Hermanson; #8- Diane Colbeck; #9- Mary Lou Tuescher.

Ladies Senior Tournament
Tuesday, Aug. 15
Senior Club Champion Low Net: 1st– Gayle Soper, 29; 2nd (tie)– Jill Ringen and Mary Jo Riechers, 30.

Low Gross: Gayle Soper and Mary Kurth, 42. Low Putts: Nancy Steinhoff, 12.

Birdies: Janet Mosley and Gayle Soper. Chip-Ins: Janet Mosley, Midge Steger and Nancy Steinhoff. Flag Prizes: Janet Mosley, Nancy Steinhoff, Midge Steger, Gayle Soper (2), Kitty Wilson (2), Mary Pilling and Jean Hicks.


By Adam Meyers
Thursday, Aug. 17
    The race for 1st-place was tight throughout the year making for an exciting final night right down to the final game.  Eric & Chappy emerged atop the final standings after taking 2 from my sub Bob Mosley & Kevin. Neither Jeremy or Mike could find the groove and they ended up ½-game out of 1st-place as they lost 2 of 3 to Jim & Bob. Cary & Shirly took 2 of 3 from Dave & new sub Fritz Crosby to tie for 3rd-place. Dusty & Lance needed to win the 3rd game of the night to assure themselves 3rd-place, but both Dave & sub Jared White pitched well to deny them a plaque as each team ended up with 1-½ wins on the night.
     Accolades go out to all the scorekeepers and to our subs throughout the year. We couldn’t do it without you!

    High games: Eric 123/116, Dusty 114. High series: Eric 332, Shirly 306, Dusty 296. High ringers: Dusty 61, Mike H. 58, Eric 53.

Standings: Eric & Chappy 24-18, Jeremy & Mike H. 23.5-18.5, Adam & Kevin 23-19, Cary & Shirly 23-19, Dusty & Lance 22.5-19.5, Bob & Jim 19-23, Mike & Donny 18-24, Dave & Rod 15-27.