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Bulldog season ends with loss to Cuba City
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BOSCOBEL - Any chance for advancing into the first round of state tournament play ended at Cuba City Friday night with a heavy loss, 0-42, by the Boscobel Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs were able to hold the Cubans back to a single touchdown and point after touchdown in the first quarter, but the Cubans overran Boscobel in the second quarter, scoring 21 points, followed by another 14 in the third.

The Bulldogs defense was able to rally to stop the Cuban advance, allowing no additional scoring in the final quarter of the game.

“Running back Kordell Stillmuckess for Cuba City was one talented runner,” said Coach Joey Martin. “He is unbelievably agile, fast, and powerful. He carried their team against us as he did with almost every team they faced all year long. Teams that didn’t stop #7, didn’t beat Cuba City.”

The Bulldogs did not struggle to move the football Friday night, as they had several first downs and they were able to move up and down the field.  

“It was nice to put some good drives together, but as you all have seen, we turn the ball over,” said the coach. “We found so many positives on Friday night, but unfortunately, we were unable to put the ball in the end zone on some long drives.

“Friday night was expected to be a very emotional night for our seniors.  It sure played out to be the case. It is always so hard to watch the seniors end their football career. These young men have been playing organized football since they were 10 to 12 years old. We, the coaches, cannot thank the seniors and their parents enough for everything that they have done for our program throughout the years and they will all be missed greatly.

“Lastly, I cannot thank the cheerleaders enough! They do not get enough credit for how amazing they are. My fiancé, my parents, and my fiancé’s parents came to every game this season and most of the time, all that they talk about is how good our cheerleaders are and that is so rewarding to hear.  Thank you ladies!”

The Bulldogs ended the season with a conference record of 1-5 and 1-8 overall.  

“It’s time to continue working,” said Coach Martin. “Our varsity reserve team finished their season 6-2 overall, beating some very talented teams. This week already, we are getting after it in the weight room. We ask all parents to help us out encouraging all student-athletes to be active in the weight room, with speed workouts, and in general fitness. We need to get better and this is the way.”

Team Statistics: Boscobel, Cuba City

Passing C/Att: 12/23, 5/6

Passing YDS: 101, 91

Rushing ATT: 26, 26

Rushing YDS: 159, 249

Individual Statistics:

Rushing: ATT-YDS: Gavin Bell, 13-84; Cauy Isaacson, 5-39; Preston Baker, 3-22; Brandon Mindham, 3-11; and Dakota Frazier, 2-3

Passing: COMP-ATT-YDS: Cauy Isaacson, 12-23-101

Receiving: REC-YDS: Dakota Frazier, 6-55; Brandon Mindham, 3-45; Tanner Bassett-Bird, 2-0; and Kyle Wetter, 1-2

Defense: TCK/TTCK: Gavin Bell, 6/8; Casey Frey, 5/10; Caden Buss, 3/5; Brandon Mindham, 3/4; Cauy Isaacson, 2/4; Levi Wetter, 2/4; Josh Mayne, 1/3; Colton Achenbach, 1/2; Kyle Wetter, 1/1; and Dakota Frazier, 1/1