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Fennimore frosh Kyle Mudler wins boys' race at Boscobel Invitational
Junior Ellie McCollough races during the final 200 meters at Saturdays Riverdale Invitational.

BOSCOBEL — Freshman Kyle Mudler stepped into a leading role last week in the absence of sophomore teammate Ian Barry.

In his first race as the team’s number one runner, Mudler finished first out of 95 runners at last Tuesday’s Boscobel Ryan Zimpel Memorial Invitational with a winning time of 17:54.3.

“Kyle ran a very tactical race on Tuesday,” said Fennimore head coach Ryanne Bell. “He put together a race plan and executed it perfectly. After running awesome at Wisconsin Dells, a very flat and fast course, and coming back to Boscobel a hilly course and running within three seconds of his previous time I was very impressed. Those two races were great break out races to prepare him for the championship phase of our season.”

Mudler was outstanding, but without Barry the Fennimore boys placed fifth at the 11-team event with 135 points. Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton won the boys title with 37 points.

Senior Garrett Cornell (19:54.4) placed 28th, junior Josh Gao (20:08.5) came in 33rd, freshman Adam Larson (20:52.4) 39th and Trenten Klais (21:09.3) 41st to round out the Fennimore boys’ team score.

Freshman Lauryn Bunn finished third out of 50 runners in the girls’ varsity race to lead the Fennimore girls to a second-place team finish with 63 points. SWAL rival Boscobel (26) won the girls’ team title on their home course.

Saturday morning the Golden Eagles took part in the 15-team Riverdale Invitational.

The Fennimore boys, who were still without Barry, placed eighth with 226 points, while the girls placed seventh with 217 points.

Mudler finished fifth out of 158 runners with a time of 18:11.4 to again lead the Fennimore boys.

With Bunn out of the lineup on Saturday, junior Renee Schlaugat led the Fennimore girls, placing 20th at 22:27.

“The team did not run well on Saturday,” said Bell. “We have been dealing with some sickness and injury lately which hasn’t been helpful. We also had a tough week between racing on Tuesday and workouts the rest of the week to continue to prepare us for the end of the season. We have had some highs and lows this season, but if the team can click like they have in some of our best races we will have a nice conference meet.  We compete in a very tough conference and will have to be on our best performances on Thursday.”

Fennimore will travel to Iowa–Grant this afternoon for the Southwest Wisconsin Activities League conference championships. The girls’ varsity race will begin at 4:30 p.m. followed by the boys race.

Barry will be back in the lineup at conference. 


Boscobel Ryan Zimpel Memorial Invitational

(from Tuesday, Oct. 3 @ Boscobel)

(Girls, 5,000 meters)

Team scores: 1.Boscobel 26, 2.Fennimore 63, 3.Tri-State Home School 79, 4.North Crawford 94, 5.Wauzeka–Steuben 130, 6.Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton 163, 7.Riverdale 165, River Ridge inc., Kickapoo/La Farge inc., Iowa–Grant inc.

Top finishers: 1.Helen Carstens (NC) 20:20.9, 2.Grace Glasbrenner (Bos) 21:16.2, 3.Lauryn Bunn (Fen) 21:57.5, 4.Abbey Manning (Bos) 22:23.8, 5.Faith Glasbrenner (Bos) 22:46.6.

Fennimore: 3.Lauryn Bunn 21:57.5, 10.Brooklan Scheopp 23:52.2, 14.Ellie McCollough 24:12.6, 24.Victoria Bonilla 25:28.7, 30.Mariah Kopp 26:55.6, 31.Hayley Bender 27:22.7, 39.Shawna Linneman 28:38.2.

(Boys, 5,000 meters)

Team scores: 1.Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton 37, 2.Wauzeka–Steuben 75, 3.Boscobel 80, 4.Iowa–Grant 97, 5.Fennimore 135, 6.River Ridge 160, 7.Kickapoo/La Farge 201, 8.North Crawford 224, 9.Riverdale 232, 10.Tri-State Home School 248, Seneca inc.

Top finishers: 1.Kyle Mudler (Fen) 17:54.3, 2.Tyler Walters (W-S) 17:56.9, 3.Weston Morley (SW/CC/B) 17:58.5, 4.Nick Connolly (IG) 18:00.3, 5.Jacob Reichmann (W-S) 18:09.8.

Fennimore: 1.Kyle Mudler 17:54.3, 28.Garrett Cornell 19:54.5, 33.Josh Gao 20:08.5, 39.Adam Larson 20:52.4, 41.Trenten Klais 21:09.3, 57.Ben Mooney 22:18.0, 75.Noah Connely 23:55.2.


Riverdale Invitational

(from Saturday, Oct. 7 @ Muscoda)

(Girls, 5,000 meters)

Team scores: 1.Prairie du Chien 31, 2.Lancaster 41, 3.Reedsburg 86, 4.Boscobel 98, 5.Cashton 124, 6.Hillsboro 167, 7.Fennimore 217, 8.River Ridge 236, 9.Richland Center/Ithaca 251, 10.River Valley 259, 11.Riverdale 319, 12.Wauzeka–Steuben 337. 13.Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton 375, Royall inc., Kickapoo/La Farge inc.

Top finishers: 1.Lydia Murphy (Lancaster) 19:58.7, 2.Kristin Muench (Lancaster) 20:37.8, 3.Amber Huser (Prairie du Chien) 20:42.0, 4.Carly Jaynes (PdC) 20:44.5, 5.Meg Katzung (PdC) 20:48.2.

Fennimore: 20.Renne Schlaugat 22:27.0, 36.Brooklan Scheopp 23:17.3, 42.Ellie McCollough 23:40.6, 63.Mariah Kopp 25:55.7, 65.Robin Connely 26:16.5, 70.Hayley Bender 26:48.0, 75.Shawna Linneman 27:40.2.

(Boys, 5,000 meters)

Team scores: 1.Southwestern/Cuba City/Benton 42, 2.River Valley 80, 3.Wauzeka–Steuben 98, 4.Boscobel 104, 5.Reedsburg 140, 6.Hillsboro 140, 7.Cashton 216, 8.Fennimore 226, 9.Lancaster 250, 10.River Ridge 270, 11.Kickapoo/La Farge 321, 12.Prairie du Chien 325, 13.Riverdale 335, 14.Richland Center/Ithaca 381, 15.Royall 383.

Top finishers: 1.Dakota Wells (Hillsboro) 17:12.8, 2.Aaron Pulvermacher (SW/CC/B) 17:53.9, 3.Weston Morley (SW/CC/B) 18:0.3, 4.Jacob Reichmann (W–S) 18:11.1, 5.Kyle Mudler (Fennimore) 18:11.4

Fennimore: 5.Kyle Mudler 18:11.4, 37.Josh Gao 19:34.6, 60.Garrett Cornell 20:18.6, 63.Adam Larson 20:53.0, 78.Trenten Klais 20:56.2, 95.Ben Mooney 21:31.3, 128.Noah Connely 23:32.2.