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Lady Bulldogs score pair of wins
Jayce Zimpel maneuvers
Jayce Zimpel - photo by Erin Martin

BOSCOBEL - The Boscobel girls’ basketball scored an exciting and hard-fought win Tuesday night against the DeSoto Pirates.

The first half saw the Lady Bulldogs struggling on defense and moving slowly on the court. With Boscobel seeming to struggle to connect as a team, the Pirates were able to use the advantage as they pulled into a nine-point lead, 32-23, heading into the half.

But coming back in after half-time, the Bulldog girls were energized, aggressive, and just couldn’t be stopped. They jumped out and managed a solid run, leaving the Pirates swirling in their wake. By the final four minutes, having pulled ahead to a nine-point lead of their own, every girl was smiling on the floor.

The Pirates managed to regroup in those final moments to close the gap, but were unable to stop the Bulldogs, who finished with a 59-55 win.

Earlier in the week

 That win came on the heels of another big win, as the girls hosted North Crawford Monday night.

With the Trojans putting in a sluggish start, the Lady Bulldogs appeared to score at will, leading at the half, 32-19. They kept the momentum and finished the game with a solid 20-point lead, 60-40.

The two wins help offset the previous loss last Friday when the girls traveled to Cuba City, falling 43-73.

Looking ahead

The Lady Bulldogs are now 4-9 in conference record and 8-12 overall.

Boscobel’s girls will host Southwestern Thursday night in the final game of the regular season. It’s a likely win for the girls if they come out like they have for the last two games as the Wildcats are trailing at the end of the conference list, 1-11. That game will get underway at 7:30 p.m.

Girls’ basketball regional competition starts on Tuesday, Feb. 21, when the Bulldogs host Coulee Conference’s Luther at 7 p.m.

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