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Fugate wins 160-pound title at Belmont Scramble
b-p wrest fugate
Platteville junior Luke Fugate won the 160-pound title in the Belmont/Platteville Scramble on Saturday in his first tournament of the season.

     BELMONT — Platteville junior Luke Fugate returned to the Belmont/Platteville lineup in the Braves 51–18 SWC loss at Richland Center.

     In his first match of the season, he turned in the most exciting match of the night, but fell to the Hornets’ Caleb Colmen, 7–5. But Fugate quickly regained his form and two days later went 5–0 at the Belmont/Platteville Scramble at BHS to win the 160-pound title.

     Fugate recorded two straight pins to win his four-man pool and earn the top seed in the semifinals. He then pinned Sun Prairie’s Nick Kleiber 14 seconds into the second period to advance to the finals. Fugate secured the title with a wild 13–11 decision over Dodgeville’s Jack Schickel (16–7).

     Teammate Isaac Wiegel (23–6), a Belmont sophomore, went 3–1 and finished second in the five-man 113 pounds weight class. After a first-round bye, Wiegel recorded back-to-back pins then defeated Lake Mills’ Nathan Warner, 8–1, to set up a de facto championship match in the final round of his round-robin weight class.

     But top-seeded Brett Perkins (21–3) of Janesville Parker denied Wiegel his third tournament championship of the season, defeating the Belmont sophomore 6–4.

     Freshman Jacob Niehaus (4–9) won a pair of matches and finished fifth at 138 pounds. Sophomore Joshua Taber (5-16) went 2–3 and finished sixth at 132.

     The Braves, who only had six wrestlers in the tournament, finished seventh out of eight teams with 65 points.
Dodgeville won the team title with 219.5 points, ahead of runner-up Tomahawk (198).

     Thursday night, the Richland Center Hornets took advantage of Belmont/Platteville’s lack of numbers and rolled to a 51–18 win in SWC dual meet wrestling here at the RCHS fieldhouse.

     The Hornets took advantage of five forfeits, three falls and a decision to produce the win. Belmont/Platteville collected two forfeits and three decisions. Both teams forfeited at 113.

     Starting at 195, the Hornets jumped ahead, 18–0, as Adam Rynes, Alex Peters and Eli Schieldt accepted forfeits. Belmont/Platteville’s Chris Gillen was given a forfeit at 106, so before any mat action, the Hornets owned a 18–6 lead.

     B/P’s Wiegel blanked Cade Furgason, 7–0, at 120 as B/P drew within 18–9. The Hornets stretched their lead when Kolten Achenbach and Tylor Miller scored falls at 126 and 132. B/P’s Niehaus outscored Hornet Logan Morris, 11–6, at 138.

     Freshman Alex Sonsalla accepted a forfeit at 160 to score the Braves’ final points of the match.

     The Braves (0–3 SWC) will traveled to Patch Grove Tuesday night for a pair of non-conference duals and will next travel to Prairie du Chien on Thursday for a SWC dual. Belmont/Platteville will also participate in the Monroe Invitational on Saturday.

Richland Center 51, Belmont/Platteville 18
(from Thursday, Jan. 14 @ Rich. Center)
195: Adam Rynes (RC) won by forfeit. 220: Alex Peters (RC) won by forfeit. 285: Eli Schieldt (RC) won by forfeit. 106: Christopher Gillen (B/P) won by forfeit. 113: Double forfeit. 120: Isaac Wiegel (B/P) def. Cade Furgason (RC), (Dec 7-0). 126: Kolten Achenbach over Trever Heim (B/P) (Fall 1:09). 132: Tylor Miller (RC) over Joshua Taber (B/P) (Fall 4:45). 138: Jacob Niehaus (B/P) over Logan Morris (RC) (Dec 11-6). 145: Sam Hart over Tristian Prater (B/P) (Fall 1:29). 152: Gavin Craig (RC) won by forfeit. 160: Alexander Sonsalla (B/P) won by forfeit. 170: Caleb Coleman (RC) over Lucas Fugate (B/P) (Dec 7-5). 182: Evan Thomas (RC) won by forfeit.

Belmont/Platteville Scramble
(from Saturday, Jan. 16 @ Belmont)
Team scores — 1.Dodgeville 219.5, 2.Tomahawk 198, 3.Janesville Parker 130, 4.Sun Prairie, 5.Evansville/Albany JV 118, 6.Rio/Fall River/Cambria–Friesland/Pardeeville 74, 7.Belmont/Platteville 65, 8.Lake Milles 34.5.
Belmont/Platteville individual results
113 — Isaac Wiegel (23-6) placed 2nd and scored 18.00 team points.
Round 1 - Isaac Wiegel (Belmont/Platteville) 23-6 received a bye () (Bye)
Round 2 - Isaac Wiegel (Belmont/Platteville) 23-6 won by fall over Juan Jimenez (Sun Prairie) 2-3 (Fall 2:36)
Round 3 - Isaac Wiegel (Belmont/Platteville) 23-6 won by fall over Jacob Raymond (Rio/Fall Riv/Cambria-Fries/Pardeeville) 7-12 (Fall 1:51)
Round 4 - Isaac Wiegel (Belmont/Platteville) 23-6 won by decision over Nathan Warner (Lake Mills) 10-8 (Dec 8-1)
Round 5 - Brett Perkins (Janesville Parker) 21-3 won by decision over Isaac Wiegel (Belmont/Platteville) 23-6 (Dec 6-4)
126 — Trevor Heim (0-10) placed 4th and scored 7.00 team points.
Round 1 - Brady Anderson (Tomahawk) 24-4 won by fall over Trevor Heim (Belmont/Platteville) 0-10 (Fall 1:17)
Round 2 - Gabe Dienberg (Evansville/Albany JV) 5-6 won by fall over Trevor Heim (Belmont/Platteville) 0-10 (Fall 1:01)
Round 3 - Dylan Eaton (Sun Prairie) 1-2 won by fall over Trevor Heim (Belmont/Platteville) 0-10 (Fall 1:20)
132 — Joshua Taber (5-16) placed 6th and scored 7.00 team points.
Round 1 - Isaac Grunow (Dodgeville) 9-12 won by fall over Joshua Taber (Belmont/Platteville) 5-16 (Fall 4:18)
Round 2 - Damon Khang (Rio/Fall Riv/Cambria-Fries/Pardeeville) 4-5 won by fall over Joshua Taber (Belmont/Platteville) 5-16 (Fall 3:05)
Round 3 - Joshua Taber (Belmont/Platteville) 5-16 won by fall over Adam Tess (Sun Prairie) 1-4 (Fall 0:49)
Consolation Bracket - Joshua Taber (Belmont/Platteville) 5-16 won by fall over Malcolm Johnson (Evansville/Albany JV) 1-14 (Fall 2:53)
5th Place Match - Tyler Bell (Reserves) 5-5 won by decision over Joshua Taber (Belmont/Platteville) 5-16 (Dec 1-0)
138 — Jacob Niehaus (4-9) placed 5th and scored 9.00 team points.
Round 1 - Andrew Hodgson (Rio/Fall Riv/Cambria-Fries/Pardeeville) 4-9 won by fall over Jacob Niehaus (Belmont/Platteville) 4-9 (Fall 3:35)
Round 2 - Wyatt Wenninger (Tomahawk) 25-5 won by fall over Jacob Niehaus (Belmont/Platteville) 4-9 (Fall 0:45)
Round 3 - Jacob Niehaus (Belmont/Platteville) 4-9 received a bye () (Bye)
Consolation Bracket - Jacob Niehaus (Belmont/Platteville) 4-9 won by fall over Andrew DeBoer (Reserves) 2-12 (Fall 2:20)
5th Place Match - Jacob Niehaus (Belmont/Platteville) 4-9 won by decision over Ethan Cody (Sun Prairie) 1-3 (Dec 9-4)
160 — Lucas Fugate (5-1) placed 1st and scored 24.00 team points.
Round 1 - Lucas Fugate (Belmont/Platteville) 5-1 won by fall over Jake Matti (Tomahawk) 20-11 (Fall 1:31)
Round 2 - Lucas Fugate (Belmont/Platteville) 5-1 won by fall over Wesley Bancroft (Rio/Fall Riv/Cambria-Fries/Pardeeville) 6-15 (Fall 1:42)
Round 3 - Lucas Fugate (Belmont/Platteville) 5-1 won by fall over Jake Lyle (Evansville/Albany JV) 6-7 (Fall 0:50)
Championship Bracket - Lucas Fugate (Belmont/Platteville) 5-1 won by fall over Nick Kleiber (Sun Prairie) 5-5 (Fall 2:14)
1st Place Match - Lucas Fugate (Belmont/Platteville) 5-1 won by decision over Jack Schickel (Dodgeville) 16-7 (Dec 13-11)
160 — Alex Sonsalla (0-8) placed 8th.
Round 1 - Jack Schickel (Dodgeville) 16-7 won by fall over Alex Sonsalla (Reserves) 0-8 (Fall 1:35)
Round 2 - Nick Kleiber (Sun Prairie) 5-5 won by fall over Alex Sonsalla (Reserves) 0-8 (Fall 1:38)
Round 3 - Sara Kuba (Reserves) 5-6 won by fall over Alex Sonsalla (Reserves) 0-8 (Fall 2:39)
Consolation Bracket - Jake Lyle (Evansville/Albany JV) 6-7 won by fall over Alex Sonsalla (Reserves) 0-8 (Fall 0:38)
7th Place Match - Sara Kuba (Reserves) 5-6 won by decision over Alex Sonsalla (Reserves) 0-8 (Dec 10-4)