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SWS runs over Trojans in 62-14 win
SWS QB Carter Lomas
SWS QUARTERBACK Carter Lomas took off running on this play in the second quarter. With a great block from running back Ethan Karnopp (25) on North Crawford defender Benjamin Benson, Lomas was able to turn the play into a long gainer. The Blue-Golds ran for 361 yards on their way to a 62-14 win over the Trojans.

SENECA-WAUZEKA-STEUBEN - For one team, it was the game that snapped a two-game losing streak, while for the other team it was the third tough loss in as many weeks.

The Seneca-Wauzeka-Steuben football team wasted no time putting points on the board on the road at North Crawford last Friday night–on their way to a 62-14 victory. For the Trojans it was another tough loss. 

Three or four plays inot the game, the Blue-Golds’ Ethan Karnopp ran into the end zone from 13 yards out. With the extra point, it was 7-0.

Karnopp’s score was set up by 50-plus yard run by Hunter Aspenson on the first play from the line of scrimmage after the kickoff.

The next SWS score came on a five-yard run by senior quarterback Carter Lomas. The missed two point conversion made it 13-0.

The next score featured a talented SWS sophomore, Ashton Swanson, who scored on an 18-yard pass play from Lomas. With the extra point it was 20-0. 

In the second quarter, it was SWS senior Hunter Aspenson’s turn to shows his considerable skills. He scored on 37-yard run and with the extra point, it was 27-0.

Then, it was North Crawford’s turn. Senior wide receiver Daymian Mack scored on a 65-yard pass play from sophomore quarterback Stephen Munson. The two-point conversion failed, but the Trojans were on the board–trailing 27-6.

The last score of the first half came on 42-yard pass ply from Lomas to SWS receiver Gavin Ralph. With the extra point, the score was 34-6 at halftime.

Ralph began the scoring in the second half, when he scored on an interception. With extra point, it was 41-6.

Then the Blue-Golds’ Hunter Aspenson scored on 34-yard run and with the extra point it was 48-6,

The final score of the third quarter came on 57-yard run by SWS sophomore Ashton Swanson. The extra point failed and the third quarter ended with SWS leading North Crawford 54-6.

In the fourth quarter another SWS sophomore, running back Haiven Gilbertson, scored on 30-yard run. With a successful two-point conversion, it was SWS-62 North Crawford-6.

However, the Trojans had something left in the tank. North Crawford’s Stephen Munson scored on a 67-yard pass play from sophomore Keegan Bender. It was a role reversal for Munson listed in the program as the quarterback and Bender listed as a wide receiver. With the two-point conversion, it made the final score SWS-62 North Crawford-14.

For the game, the statistics showed the Blue-Golds domination en route to their big victory. However, there were some surprises.

SWS had 16 first downs in the game to just six for the Trojans The Blue-Golds rushed 30 times for a total of 361 yards or an average of just over 12 yards per carry. By contrast, North Crawford rushed just 14 times for a net gain of two yards.

However, The Trojans were 10 of 28 passing with two interceptions for 206 yards. Seneca was 4-6 passing with no interceptions for 72 yards.

Neither team turned ball over on a fumble, although SWS had two and North Crawford had one.

Both teams were penalized eight times–North Crawford for 60 yards and the visiting Blue-Golds for 65 yards.

SWS running back Hunter Aspenson led his team in rushing–gaining 182 yards on seven carries for a 26-yard per carry average. He scored two touchdowns.

SWS sophomore Ashton Swanson carried the ball three times for a total of 55 yards and one touchdown. 

North Crawford’s sophomore quarterback Stephen Munson carried the ball eight times for 12 yards. 

Munson was 7-20 throwing for 106 yards and had two interceptions. Fellow Trojan sophomore Keegan Bender was 3-8 passing for 100 yards and one touchdown.

North Crawford receiver Daymian Mack caught three passes for 93 yards and one touchdown. While Munson caught one 67-yard touchdown pass for a touchdown.

For the Gavin Ralph caught one 42-yard pass for a touchdown and Swanson caught two passes fro 27 yard and a touchdown.

SWS head coach Justin Goodrich put the victory into perspective.

“Our offensive and defensive lines were able to control the line of scrimmage,” Goodrich said later. “We capitalized off of a couple North Crawford turnovers as well. 

“We must have a great week of practice and come ready to play Ithaca next week,” Goodrich said.

Last year, the Blue-Golds defeated Ithaca on the road in what many remember as crazy game. That victory set up the Blue-Golds for an undefeated conference record and their first conference championship as a co-op team.

The SWS Blue-Golds will host Ithaca on the Seneca field Friday, Sept. 20.The kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

North Crawford will travel to Belmont to play an eight-man non-conference game. The Trojans are scheduled to join an eight-man football conference next year, so this might provide some insight into the future of football at North Crawford.