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Echos of the past the week of June 27
Old Fennimore Main Street
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO (1919)—A banquet was given at Duster’s Cafe by the Anti-Saloon League of Wisconsin which was attended by upwards of 60 men. The meeting was held as a ratification jubilee of national prohibition and to crystallize sentiment in favor of a strong enforcement law. An address was given by Hon. John Baker, assistant attorney general of Wisconsin, and W. C. Shirley of Madison who spoke on “Law Enforcement and the Commonwealth.”
    NINETY YEARS AGO (1929)—The Fennimore Boy Scouts enjoyed an outing at Rockton, Ill. Attending were Scoutmaster Rolland Heberlein and Assistant James Dilley, and scouts Edward Heberlein, Edward Earl, Bernhardt Keller, Robert Buri, Mendell Munns, Thos. Tormey, and Granville Fablinger.
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO (1939)—Dr. A. H. Truitt was elected clerk of the Union Free High School district at the annual election held at the high school Monday. Dr. Truitt succeeds J. B. Bradbury, who has been clerk for the past 12 years. A tax levy of $19,000 was voted 51 to 5. The levy represents an increase of $1,000 for the coming year.
    SEVENTY YEARS AGO (1949)—Major George Brown left for a three-year period of duty in the American occupation zone in Germany. —A near record total of 9.05 inches of rain fell during June, according to the Rev. R. F. Schedtler, who checks government gauges here. —A high school building program was approved at the annual meeting and $35,000 was voted for the sinking fund.
    SIXTY YEARS AGO (1959)—Jerome “Peck” Hauk was elected commander of the Grant County Council of the American Legion. —A willing crew of men with a straw boss who knows how to lay out the work, adds up to a successful project. Such was the situation when the new wire backstops were installed at the tennis courts in Marsden Park. Kiwanians and some additional helpers erected the posts and strung the wire for 12 foot backstops on both ends of the courts.
     FIFTY YEARS AGO (1969)—Jim Griswold and Steve Riley received the Wisconsin Farmer Degree at the annual state FFA convention at Green Lake. —New officers of the Fennimore Lions Club were installed, including: Larry Jeidy, director; Bob Brugger, tail twister; Marvin Staskal, second vice president; Herbert Brun, first vice president; Bill Calhoun, third vice president; Virgil Brodt, president; Fred Lind, lion tamer; Fletcher R. Brodt, secretary; Vern Eisele, director; Earl Hintzman, past president and director; Fletcher W. Brodt, treasurer; and Clif Foley, director.
    FORTY YEARS AGO (1979)—Almost 500 persons were on hand for an excellent evening of fun entertainment when the Fennimore Community Theatre presented the first annual Variety Revue. —The city council has decided to worth with CESA 14 toward a possible solution of their space need problems, within the city of Fennimore. In other action, the council adopted the recommendation of three city officials in regard to the financing of the $700,000 debt for the new sewerage disposal plant by means of revenue bonding.
     THIRTY YEARS AGO (1989)—An estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people were on hand for spectacular Fourth of July fireworks at Hickory Grove Golf Course.
    TWENTY YEARS AGO (1999)—Hickory Grove Golf Course reported the first two holes-in-one of the season with one coming on Sunday and another on Monday. Joe Eckert aced the eighth hole on Sunday. It was Eckert’s second hole-in-one as he had one in 1992. The eighth hole is 153 yards from the tee. Kristy Wiest aced the fourth hole on Monday, her first. She used a driver to sink the shot on the 179-yard link.

    TEN YEARS AGO (2009)—Rachel and Daniel Gressman will visit Scotland July 25-Aug. 7 as part of a youth mission trip to spread the message of faith of positivity to troubled European citizens.