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Pleasant View Church struck by lightning
PLEASANT VIEW Church was struck by lightning the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Several residents outside of Belmont said they heard a very loud crack of thunder the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 7, during the storm that passed through. The Pleasant View Primitive Methodist Church ended up taking that lightening strike right to the top of the steeple, splitting the steeple down the back side and blowing the siding and walls off the belfry, exposing the 1,200 pound bell, that has been there since the church was erected in 1890.
The strike vibrated down into the church, blowing all the electrical circuits, burning outlets, frying a brand new sound system and melting a surge protector. The attached fellowship hall is on its own circuit, but did loose the telephone box, a television, microwave, hot water heater and the EXIT signs. The Belmont Fire Department was called as a precaution.