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Missing woman found
Missing Person 2
Mary R. Zickuhr

A 28-year-old Platteville woman who was reported missing on Oct. 7 has been found. According to the Platteville Police Department, Mary R. Zickuhr, 28, was found alive and well at an undisclosed location out of state.
According to Doug McKinley, Platteville chief of police, Zickuhr's location is not being released. Her family in Platteville and the immediate area have been contacted.
The Platteville Police Department utilized the assistance of another unnamed cooperating law enforcement agency to find Zickuhr.
The cost of the Platteville Police Department's time investigating this case will come out of its budget. "It's frustrating," said McKinley. "People don't take that into account."
McKinley noted they treat every case like this as a serious situation. "It is not typical for someone to leave home and not tell family or friends," said McKinley.
In the end, the most important thing, according to McKinley, was that Zickuhr was found alive and well.