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Sex offender arrested
Felony charges levied alleging repeated sexual contact with 13-year-old girl
JENSEN CHRISTOPHER J B18-00521 mugshot
Christopher J. Jensen

A 38-year-old Fennimore resident was arrested on three counts of repeated sexual assault of a child Saturday, May 26.
Christopher J. Jensen was arrested at his Madison St. apartment after the Fennimore Police Department, with assistance from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, found the 13-year-old victim in Jensen’s bed, according to court records.

The victim’s father had come to the Fennimore Police Department after finding his daughter was not where he believed her to be. The complaint further states the father had heard from a third party that his daughter was dating Jensen.

The criminal complaint alleged Jensen initially made contact with the girl online via Facebook in December or January, lying to her about his age. The two talked for a month before they began spending time together. Jensen is also alleged to have introduced the girl to marijuana, to have “made her delete their messages every day,” and to have had unprotected sex with her more than 40 times between Feb. and May.

The compliant further noted that the victim claimed all contact with Jensen was consensual.

Jensen lived in Fennimore before moving to Platteville in March. He moved back to Fennimore in April.

All three counts of repeated sexual assault of a child are Class B felony charges, carrying penalties of imprisonment not to exceed 60 years.

Jensen is a registered sexual offender, convicted of third degree sexual assault in 2004.

A cash bond of $10,000 was set for Jensen on Thursday, May 29 stipulating that he is to abstain from contact with the victim. He will appear in Grant County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing on June 6 at 3:30 p.m.