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New monument erected at city cemetery
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Among those present at the dedication ceremony for the new Richland Center Cemetery monument were (L to R) Derrick Toney, Gaye Lynn Cosgrove, Victor Toney, Zach Toney, Jean Toney and Kim Steiner. (Photos by Dawn Kiefer)

By Dawn Kiefer

A lovely spot was chosen for a new monument, placed last Saturday at the Richland Center Cemetery. People made their way up a lesser traveled path to a clearing surrounded by breathtaking vistas. There, a dedication ceremony was held for the new monument, which has space for up to 84 memorial plaques designating the burial of cremated remains at the site.

Survivors and city officials gathered for the ceremony and a service for the first five persons whose cremated remains were buried at the site: Allen B. “Todd” Toney, 1935-2012; Vincent B. Toney, 1955-2014; Roanne R. Toney, 1957-1958; Wava (Yost) Steiner, 1930-2007; and U.S. Army Corporal Clarence Steiner, 1928-2008.

Representing the Mayor at the ceremony was City Council President Jay Buchanan Mueller, who addressed the Toney family, saying, “Sometimes government needs a fire put under it. Your family provided that.”

Mueller stated, “It took a long time, but we got it done right. It’s a peaceful, serene spot; the most beautiful in the cemetery. The views are spectacular.”

City officials present at the ceremony stated that Jean Toney footed over half the bill for the new monument, with the city covering the rest, and Jean also paid to have a marble bench placed at the site, in memory of her late husband Todd.

Steve Krueger brought in dirt to prep the site, landscaping was done by Dave Fry and Doug Tyler, concrete work was done by Mike Harlan and Terry Nelson, and Krause Monument created the bench and monument, and pitched in a birdbath.

City Clerk/Treasurer Melinda Jones stated, “With land becoming a premium, this is a new idea that’s less expensive than a columbarium.”

And, when shrubbery was cleared from the area, a surprise was uncovered. A stone had been placed in 1992, indicating that Lisle Collins donated the large flagpole at the site.

For information on obtaining burial plots for cremated remains, contact David Fry at 608-604-6713.


For additional memorial plaques on the monument, contact Jean Lisney at Krause Monument, 608-647-8314.