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Garage sale funds help improve parish and school
holy ghost
By Dani Mumm
The Holy Ghost garage sale in Dickeyville is in it’s 29th year. The garage sale was started by the Holy Ghost CCW ladies for special projects. “After, 11 years the CCW ladies wanted to give up the task,” said volunteer manager Kathy Wagner. “The last 18 years the garage sale has been run so the funds go towards the church and school.” The funds raised at the garage sale have been put towards multiple projects. “The money has gone towards the Grotto grounds, pay bills for the church, teacher salaries, refurbish the pipe organ in church, and the local fire department,” said Wagner. “The funds also helped build the playground behind Holy Ghost Campus 19 years ago.” This year’s money is going towards cement work around the buildings, windows in the school and tuck pointing on the school. “What we raise is combined with other fundraisers to pay for all these projects since these are large projects,” said Wagner.
The project with the fire department was for heat imaging cameras.  “The National Catholic Society of Foresters - Court 228 also participated in this fundraiser,” said Wagner. “ We are grateful to The National Catholic Society of Foresters - Holy Ghost Court 228 for their Hearts & Hands Project, since they have a bake sale along with the garage sale the first weekend of each season.  They also receive a match from the head office if they raise over $1,500.  That is just wonderful.  So now the project is receiving the funds, just received $3,000. “
The garage sale is mainly put on by the members of the Holy Ghost Parish. “We have had a few people from Immaculate Conception Parish help us over the years,” said Wagner. “Even people that are not from the parish, but are part of the community have helped. We have a great team of grandparents/great-grandparents that volunteer during the weekdays. Then on the weekends, we have Holy Ghost parents whose children attend the Immaculate Conception and Holy Ghost school, work along the volunteers. It brings everyone together.”
Anybody can contribute items to the garage sale. “We take a lot of different items,” said Wagner. “However, we can no longer take electronics since it cost to dispose them, if do not sell them.” Donations come from all over the tri-state area. “We have people from Dubuque, Platteville, Cuba City and Potosi that donate,” said Wagner. “We are very thankful for their donations.”
The items that do not get sold at the garage sale get donated. “We donate the remaining items to several agencies,” said Wagner. “If someone in the community needs the items, we would be glad to share. We empty out the church basement since the rooms are used for meetings in the fall and winter to use for the garage sale.”

The garage sale opens on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and goes until the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. “We have a big sale in the afternoon on the last day, “ said Wagner.  There will be a bake/produce sale this weekend on August 9, 10, and 11.