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Manor approves infection preventionist

DARLINGTON – The Lafayette Manor meeting held Tuesday, July 23, 2019 was called to order by chairman Larry Ludlum. Ludlum welcomed new lay committee member Tom Turpin of Shullsburg to the committee.

Manor Administrator Peggy Rolli brought up a change in the rules for the Infection Preventionist position. This is a nursing home mega-rule change. The federal government is requiring a Registered Nurse (RN) fill the position and not the Director of Nursing (DON), which is who is doing the duty at the Manor currently. It would be a 24 hour a week position that will track, trend and report all infections and symptoms and certify the Manor meets best practice criteria. The job can can joined with another position - a certified room nurse was mentioned.

A motion was approved to create the position. This will need to be approved by Finance and Human Services and the County Board.

In other Manor business:

•It was reported that the Manor lost their Human Resources Director and Scheduler

•Overtime for June was $4,893; this is down from May at $5,609. Questions were brought up by committee member Tony Ruesga regarding how shifts are being filled. Ruesga asked, “Are we filling with available PRN’s (fill-in nurses)? Rolli answered, “Yes.” Ruesga said, “I’ve been receiving complaints that regular PRN’s are being left out when they could have filled instead of having full-time employees fill the overtime shifts. This could save us some money, so I wanted to be sure we were doing this.” Rolli answered, “This has been brought to my attention and I have addressed it with the Director of Nursing.”

•Generator update - 18 rooms have been completed in the re-wiring part of the project. After the panels are completed the Manor will be doing electrical shutdowns for three hours, while Pieper Electric of Middleton will connect everything. Four bollards will be installed around the generator in the end of August. Everything is still on schedule.

•Foundation update – the committee has been looking into setting up a foundation that will benefit the Manor. One of the law firms discussed to set up the foundation was Reinhart Law of Madison. Hiring a local attorney was discussed. It was brought up that a law firm that specializes in 501(c)(3) foundation might be able to do the work with less billable hours. County Board Chairman, Jack Sauer said, “I think setting up a foundation is a really great idea.” No action was taken, the item will be kept on the agenda and continued to be pursued until it gets done.

•An Alzheimer’s Walk & Open House tentative date was set for Saturday, Oct. 26 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Proceeds from the event will go to the Alzheimer’s Research and Alzheimer’s Foundation. The event will be done in conjunction with and honoring the Glendenning donation.

•Manor Committee Lay Member Chris Parkinson will be stepping down from the committee due to health issues. A suggested replacement for the committee was put before the board. It was brought up that appointments of volunteer committee positions in Lafayette County are the responsibility of Lafayette County Chairman. The item was dropped.

•No action was made from two closed session items.

•Lafayette Manor Fall Cookout will be Wednesday, Sept. 4, from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. and held at the Lafayette County Fairgrounds.

•Approved utilization report - in June there were four admissions and one discharge. The census at the end of June was 56 residents.

•Finance report – year-to-date numbers through the end of June 2019 - the revenue was above budget by $167,988 and expenses are under budget by $5,620. The year-to-date budgeted levy through June for the Manor is $169,358 and that amount has not been touched. The Manor is at a net income of $4,251 for the end of June.

Sauer said, “Things are running like a fine watch.” Several other committee members commented on the stellar report.

•Approved paying vouchers at $119,856.

•No total numbers staffing report was given.