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North Crawfords Nifty Neighbors 4-H Club Run the Fair results
Families Running

GAYS MILLS - The Nifty Neighbor 4-H Club held a race last Saturday, August 26 during the fair at the Crawford County Fairgrounds.

The results of this year’s Run the Fair 5K are:  

1-Drew Zimmerman-19:48

2-Gabe Martin-19:59

3-Zach Martin-20:53

4-James Carstens-24:20

5-Rosemary Gallagher 24:20

6-PC Meyers- 24:27

7-Tara Adams- 24:28

8-Canisius Johnson-24:30

9-Mick Redman-24:45

10-Tom Gainor-25:55

11-Ethan Hady-26:05

12-Emma Hady-26:40

13-William Gallagher-27:09

14-Grace Check-27:21

15-Sarah Bransky-27:37

16-Roy Anderson-27:54

17-Agnes Carstens-29:12

18-Tyler Rieck-29:22

19-Silas Dudgeon-29:32

20-Hannah Dudgeon-29:35

21-Dumont Schmidt-30:28

22-Sherri Elsner-30:53

23-Emily Schmidt-31:25

24-Kylie Heisz-31:30

25-Kylie Zimmerman-31:31

26-Jane Schaaf-31:36

27-Kelsey Achenbach-31:53

28-Don Stirling-32:13

29Christina Anderson 32:51

30-Dean Zimmerman-32:59

31-Blayke Beers-33:21

32-Breanna Dudgeon-33:56

33-Kevin Schmidt-34:09

34-Kyana Dudgeon-34:45

35-Brayden Peterson-39:00

36-Jenny Peterson-39:06

37-Daniel Botha-41:17

38-Tony Bedtka-41:22

39-Amy Anderson-42:33

40-Jane Grimstad-45:16

41-Blaine Hedberg-45:17

42-Mike Gallagher-46:23

43-Joshua Martin-46:45

44-Emily Check-47:57

45-Carrie Anderson-47:58

46-Olivia Check-50:17

47-Illene Olson-52:55

48-Mark Johnson-53:00

49-Anne Johnson-53:01

50-Jen Beers-54:03

51-Jaci Bedtka-54:03

52-Ashley Bedtka-54:04

53-Kayla Beers-54:04

54-Donna Bedtka-54:05

55-Danielle Lathrop-55:23

56-Tyan Hying-55:24

57-Jon Weigel-59:46

58-Ann Schwert-59:47

59-Jennifer Weigel-59:48

60-Lauren Weigel-59:49

61-Amy Byl-1:01:36

62-Arlene Byl-1:01:56

63-Pat Gilbert-1:01:57

64-Amber Peterson-1:02:50

65-Lainee Peterson-1:02:51

66-Angela Davidson 1:02:52

67-TC Peterson-1:02:53

68-Robbie Kuykendall


69-Jean Patten-1:04:11

The race was made possible by the following sponsors: Vernon Memorial Hospital, Crossing Rivers Health, Healthy Roots, Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinics, Brockway Trucking and Excavating, 4-H Leader’s Association, Organic Valley, Royal Bank, GoMacro, BAPI and 3M. Also thank you to our volunteers that helped make it possible: Nifty Neighbor 4-H Members and families, Katie Lemley, Mickey Keeley, Gereon Wellhouse and Dylan Ghormley. It was a great event with over 80 participants. Mark your calendars for next year on the Saturday of the Crawford County Fair.