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Storm destroys barn near Louisburg
A strong storm that moved through the area on Sunday night destroyed a structure at the May farm on Fairplay Road in the town of Jamestown near Louisburg. Debris was found scattered in nearby fields and in the yard surrounding the house. Nobody was injured.

LOUISBURG—Debris lined Fairplay Road near Louisburg after a strong line of storms that moved through Grant County on Sunday, June 29, destroyed a barn.

The May farm, located at 1863 Fairplay Road in the town of Jamestown, had pieces of the barn scattered throughout the property on Monday morning from the strong storm cell that moved through the area at approximately 10 p.m. on Sunday. Nobody was injured.

The roof of the cinderblock shed was ripped into several pieces and sent in several directions, parts of which were blown into the home several hundred feet away. Cinderblocks were scattered throughout the lawn and alfalfa fields.

“There is no way it could have been straight-line winds,” property owner Greg May said. “Debris from the barn was scattered in all directions, ending up by my house, across the road and in nearby fields. It had to have been a tornado.”

May said he didn’t know anything had happened until after it passed.

Neighbors were at the site Monday morning to help clean up the mess.

“It’s situations like this that show us how fortunate we are to have great neighbors,” May said. “People drop what they’re doing to help in any way they can.”

According to a press release from the Grant County Emergency Management Director, Steve Braun, no official determinations have been made as to the cause of the damage, whether it was just winds or a tornado.

More damage was reported throughout the area, including trees down, power outages and buildings destroyed from a possible tornado near Fennimore. Sirens were sounded in Fennimore, Montfort, Stitzer and Muscoda for radar-indicated cloud rotation in the Fennimore, Preston and Castle Rock areas.

City of Fennimore officials reported some trees and power lines down throughout the city, as well as two trucks overturned north of the city at Bard Materials and one at Hwy. 18 and Rice road. Damage was reported at several properties along Co. Q between Switzer and Tormey Roads, where trees were down on a house; the occupants of the home were not injured. At least four farm buildings were destroyed on Tormey Road, two concrete silos were destroyed and one house sustained minor damage. A tree was also reported to have struck a house on Co. G near Castle Rock.

In Lafayette County, trees were reported down in the Shullsburg area and a city sign near downtown Shullsburg was damaged by the wind.