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Crawford County committee to discuss implementation of CAFO moratorium
Cty Bd CAFO moratorium
ALMOST 80 citizens at-tended the Crawford County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 17. The citizens were there to offer input to the board about whether the county should enact a one-year moratorium on CAFOs.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - In a whirlwind of activity just prior to the holiday season, the Crawford County Board of Supervisors passed a one-year CAFO moratorium for permitting of livestock facilities with greater than 1,000-animal units and the Town Board of Marietta voted to rescind their CAFO Moratorium. The county moratorium was passed at the Tuesday, Dec. 17 meeting of the county board. The Marietta Township moratorium, originally enacted in August of 2019, was rescinded by the board at their meeting on Monday, Dec. 23.

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, the Crawford County Soil and Water Concerns Committee will take up the practical aspects of the county’s CAFO moratorium. At that meeting they will discuss who the study group’s citizen member will be, when they will meet, and what their approach to studying the potential impact of CAFOs will be.

The committee meeting will take place at approximately 10 a.m., or whenever the Land Use Committee meeting, which begins at 9 a.m., is over.

Section 6 of the moratorium, entitled  ‘Action and study during moratorium,’ lays out the following about membership and directives for the study group:

“During the moratorium imposed by this ordinance the Crawford County Land Conservation, Planning and Zoning Committee, the Crawford County Land Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department, the Crawford County Community Development Agent, the Crawford County Department of Public Health and a ‘citizen representative’ to be appointed by the Crawford County Board Chairman shall be formed as a ‘Special Study Committee.’  They shall study and analyze the impact of large-scale livestock facility operations. This Special Study Committee shall be charged with researching the issues associated with such operations and making recommendations to the Crawford County Land Conservation, Planning, and Zoning Committee regarding regulatory and police powers necessary to ensure the applicable regulations adequately protect the groundwater, surface water, air quality, public health and safety of residents. The Crawford County Land Conservation Committee shall make reports to the County Board as directed by the County Board with a final report within 10 months of the effective date of this ordinance.”