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The Buzz Around Town
Christina Winch
Christina Winch
The school bells are ringing again. The lights on the football field shine bright on Friday nights. I am wearing jeans with a sweatshirt to the barn in the morning and shorts with a t-shirt in the afternoon. Warm drinks are comforting. This can only mean one thing—fall has arrived. With the arrival of fall means a look back at a summer full of cattle shows and fairs. As I sit here in my living room composing this editorial, I look up to see an array of trophies and ribbons of various colors.
    Six weeks ago I shared with you memories from fairs gone by. Twelve weeks ago I told you what my boys would be doing this summer. As I reflect on all the hard work my children put in this summer, I am also reminded of other Fennimore area kids I watched have success. Here are just a few of the Fennimore area kids I had the opportunity to hear or witness experiencing success at area fairs.
    Kira Gratz has admired her big brother Evan showing pigs for the last couple of years. This year she got her chance to jump into the show ring. She went on to win Reserve Champion Barrow at the Fennimore Fair.
    Dalton Linneman spent hours building a four feet tall ferris wheel out of Knex. His parents hauled this piece with care to three different fairs. He earned a special award on it at Blake’s Prairie Junior Fair and the county fair. After being scheduled to exhibit the ferris wheel at the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair, I bet that it will be on display in a place of honor at the Linneman house to make sure nothing happens to it.
    Katlyn Waterman entered the dairy show ring for the first time this summer. She brought a Holstein cow to the Fennimore Fair. Together they won Senior Champion Holstein.
    Reid Stalsberg has been waiting patiently for years to be old enough to show an animal. Pigs were the animal he chose. At Blake’s Prairie Junior Fair, he got all the first year nerves worked out, took the advice of the judge, went home to practice, came to the county fair, and won the Junior Swine Showmanship class.
    Anthony Linneman enjoys participating in the 4-H shooting sports program. Come competition day he can be found hitting the bullseye with his bow and arrow, shooting an air pistol, having a perfect aim with his 22, and knocking clay targets down in the trap shoot. This year his aim was good enough to walk away with the high scoring trophy from the Fennimore Junior Fair.
    Kendall Quincy loves to cook and bake. This year she entered pumpkin bread at the county fair. This pumpkin bread must be good because she earned the Carol Edge Award for baking. This award is given to the best foods and nutrition project.
    Mariah Kopp put together a portfolio for her veterinary science project and earned a special ribbon at the county fair. She also won Supreme Champion Dairy Female at the Fennimore Fair. Mariah started showing when she was in high school and her hard work is being rewarded.
    Dannea Linneman enjoys her ceramic project. This year she made a tabletop water fountain. This fountain will be going to the 2020 Wisconsin State Fair and won numerous special ribbons.
    Isaac Wheeler-Bonilla showed Legos and gets to take one to the 2020 state fair.
    Rachel Schauer took an old chandelier and turned it into a beautiful hanging plant arrangement. The unique idea helped her win a special ribbon at Blake’s Prairie Junior Fair.
    This list is far from complete of the awards and achievements won by Fennimore area youth this summer at fairs with their 4-H and FFA projects. The awards listed are ribbons and trophies that will gather dust and become memories. The list doesn’t include the life long lessons. Those lessons include stepping out of the shy zone, determination, perseverance, hard work, organization, team work, and much more. It’s helping tomorrow’s leaders grow and succeed that fuel my soul.

    You are probably asking yourself, how did your boys do Christina? What about the quilt and sauerkraut you told us you were entering in the fair? As for my boys, they have had a great fair season but it isn’t over. We still have two cattle shows left—one being World Dairy Expo. Randy had Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Heifer at the state fair and won the senior showmanship class at county fair. Wesley had Junior Champion Brown Swiss at the county fair. Matthew had Reserve Champion All Other Breeds at the county fair and earned a special ribbon at the Fennimore Fair on his welding project. As for me, both my quilt and sauerkraut won a blue ribbon. Work has already begun on projects for 2020.