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Conservation plan addresses waste disposal and recycling
Clean Sweep
CLEAN SWEEP will once again offer Crawford County residents the opportunity to dispose of electronics and other hazardous materials. Scheduled for Friday, Oct.28, the Clean Sweep event is part of the Crawford County Land and Water Resource Management Plan, supporting the goal of waste disposal.

This is the last story in a nine-part series explaining Crawford County’s Land and Water Resource Management Plan

Proper solid waste disposal and recycling have been an issue for many years in Crawford County.

Proper disposal and recycling of waste products protects the landscape and water quality. It is important that waste disposal goals and objectives be implemented in order to protect the county’s natural resources.

“The Land Conservation Department wants to ensure that hazardous chemicals, prescription drugs, and electronics are disposed of correctly,” explained David Troester, Crawford County Conservationist.

Crawford County is now holding annual tire collections and the chemical, prescription drug, and electronics recycling events. The weight of electronics collected has increased from around 25,000 pounds in 2012 to over 70,000 pounds in 2015.

The electronics recycling is getting more expensive for us to conduct each year as both participation and recycling fees have increased, according to Troester .

“Our Clean Sweep collection event is put on with the following partners… Crawford County Highway Department, Crawford County Zoning Department and Crawford County UW-Extension,” Troester said.

The county, city, villages and townships conduct various clean up events throughout the year – check with your clerk to identify opportunities for waste disposal in your area. The county has an upcoming Clean Sweep Event.

Friday, October 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the 2016 Crawford County Clean Sweep event will once again take place at the Crawford County Highway Shop-Seneca, one mile south of Seneca.

Any Crawford County resident, who can provide proof of residency, can participate in the event.

What can you bring to Clean Sweep?

Chemicals acceptable under the Clean Sweep: Unused, damaged, cancelled, banned, or otherwise unwanted agricultural chemicals, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, and wood preservatives.

Other agricultural chemicals including veterinary supplies, lead paint, acid washes, wood finishes, solvents and engine cleaners.

Household chemicals including paint, stain, used oil, oil filters, and antifreeze

Household CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes will be accepted (for quantities over 50 bulbs/tubes, a $.25/bulb charge will apply)

Electronic Recycling: Televisions (All types), Monitors, computers, laptops, miscellaneous electronics (printers, scanners, keyboards, etc.) New this year, there will be a $5 charge per television.

Prescription Drug Collection is for households only!

Unacceptable Items: Explosives, including detonators and blasting caps; Radioactive, including smoke alarms; Infectious and biological wastes; Propane cylinders Appliances (microwaves, dehumidifiers, washers, refrigerators, etc.)

Transporting materials to Clean Sweep DO NOT MIX like or unlike materials!

Leave materials in their original container. Leaking containers may be placed, as-is, in another container with the label outside. Package products and materials to keep them from spilling or breaking.

Questions?? Call the LandConservation Office at: 608-326-0270.

The County Plan

Goal 1: Provide hazardous waste recycling/disposal opportunities.

Objective A: Collect/reuse recyclables. Actions: 1. Coordinate an annual tire collection event; 2. Coordinate an annual electronics recycling event; 3. Encourage recycling of ag plastics (silo & bale bags) through an annual press release; 4. Encourage paint and used battery recycling through an annual press release.

Objective B: Collect and remove hazardous waste. Actions: 1. Encourage collection of mercury and fluorescent bulbs through an annual press release; 2. Coordinate an annual Household Hazardous Waste/ Ag Clean Sweep/ Prescription Drug Collection event.