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Kallembach pleads to charges, then appeals
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A Platteville man who faced felony theft charges in three counties pleaded guilty to one forgery charge and two misdemeanor theft charges last month, and then decided to appeal.

Larry D. Kallembach, 57, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft by false representation of up to $2,500 in Walworth County Circuit Court in Walworth June 19. A felony charge of theft by false representation of more than $10,000 was dismissed but read in at sentencing, according to court records.

Kallembach was sentenced to time served, and was ordered to pay $8,600 restitution plus a restitution charge, court costs and sheriff’s fees.

Kallembach, however, filed a notice of intent to pursue post-conviction relief Friday, according to court records.

The criminal complaint alleged that Kallembach purchased seven tractors — 1949, 1956, 1959 and 1965 John Deeres, a 1944 Oliver, a 1951 International Farmall, and a 1957 Ford tractor — from Mecum Auctions in Walworth at an auction in Davenport, Iowa, in October 2013, paying for the tractors with a $39,250 check.

Kallembach told investigators he purchased the tractors “by using a Federal Reserve Bank check which he writes out of his social security signature bank,” and not from an actual bank, the criminal complaint said. Kallembach told investigators “he kept writing checks from his social security card/account because they never came back as having non-sufficient funds.”

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the U.S., and is one of three agencies that regulates federally chartered banks. The Federal Reserve lends money to other banks and provides services to financial institutions.

Kallembach pleaded guilty in Grant County Circuit Court July 29 to one count of resisting or obstructing an officer, and was sentenced to time served, according to court records.

Three counts of misdemeanor bail jumping were dismissed, according to court records.

The resisting charge was filed when a Grant County sheriff’s deputy tried to serve a warrant on Kallembach, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Kallembach pleaded guilty to a charge of forgery — uttering in Dane County Circuit Court in Madison July 18. Kallembach was sentenced to six months’ jail served and court costs, and ordered to provide a DNA sample. A charge of felony bail jumping was dismissed March 27.

Kallembach was accused of purchasing a Macbook laptop computer from a Madison computer store July 18, 2013 with a $1,916.91 check from “FSB ATL Bank” in Atlanta. The store’s bank returned the check as coming from a nonexistent bank account, according to the criminal complaint.

Kallembach was sentenced to 186 days in jail after he pleaded no contest in Crawford County Circuit Court in Prairie du Chien April 21 on a charge of theft by false representation — special facts.

Kallembach was accused of using a check from the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta to purchase $6,490.89 in items during an auction conducted by a Prairie du Chien auction service Sept. 10, 2013.

The Crawford County criminal complaint included an affidavit from an Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank vice president, that says that “the Federal Reserve Bank does not provide banking services to consumers, business corporations, or individuals,” and that Kallembach “does not hold an account at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta and he has no authority to issue checks purportedly drawn on any accounts from the Federal Reserve Bank.”