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Crawford County Board passes sanitation ordinance
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CRAWFORD COUNTY - At their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 17, the Crawford County Board of Supervisors repealed and recreated the Chapter 15, Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) Ordinance.

A more complete article on the subject was published in the March 1 issue of our paper. Follow the link to read that story:

The County Sanitation Department can be reached with any questions at 608-326-0294.

This means that the home of every resident of the county will either need to be connected to a municipal wastewater system or a code compliant POWTS (septic system) that is regu-larly inspected a minimum of every three years once the ordinance is enacted.

The City of Prairie du Chien and all villages, ex-cept Bell Center and Steuben, are served by mu-nicipal wastewater systems. The ‘downtown area’ of Seneca Township is served by the Valley Ridge Clean Water Com-mission.

This leaves approximate-ly 7,000 rural residents of the county who are not served by a municipal sys-tem and therefore must have a POWTS.

The new ordinance was approved with only minimal changes to the proposed ordinance reported on in the March 1 issue of this paper. The limited changes involved changing "inspection" to "maintenance" and adding section 15.07(4) on the special assessment.

For more information, go to

The Board also passed a schedule of fees as follows:

State Permits

Fees include $75 DSPS Administrative Fee & $25 DNR Groundwater Fee.

In-Ground, In-Ground – Dosed, & Holding Tank fees reduced $100 if plans have been approved by State.

In-Ground  $450

In-Ground–Dosed  $475        

In-Ground-Pressurized  $50  

At-Grade-Gravity  $475

At-Grade-Gravity-Dosed $500                                 

At-Grade- Pressure    $550

Mound  $550                            

Holding Tank  $450

Tank Only–Add/Replace Treatment, Combo, or Dose $275                                 

Component Modification - Treatment or Dispersal  $300

Sand, Gravel or Peat Filter $550

Aerobic Treatment or Disinfection Unit                $550

Experimental POWTS  $550

County Permits

Reconnection - Full Evaluation $200 

Reconnection - < 5 years from permit issue date                   $50

Non-Plumbing Sanitation System  $250

391-Composting/Incinerating Toilets, Privies

Physical/Chemical Restoration  $200

Other Fees

Inspections (soil verifications & additional inspections)  $75

(all permits include one construction inspection)

Soil Evaluation Review & Filing  $100

Sanitary Permit Change of Plumber, Renewal, Revision, Transfer   $100

Wisconsin Fund Grant Application  $200           

Soil Saturation Determination Inspections  $250

Administrative Appeals  $50

POWTS Maintenance


Special Assessment Annual Fee: $7 per POWTS

Past Due Report Late Fee $100 + citation


Late Permits

The following fees apply to activity began prior to issuance of required permit:

First Offense: double regular fees

Second Offense: triple regular fees

Third Offense and beyond: triple regular fees + citation

Offenses accrue to property owner regardless of whether offenses involve the same property. Offenses exonerated if none accrued by property owner within a period of 36 months.

NOTE: If rebuilding after a natural disaster, an appeal for a fee reduction or waiver may be made to the County Conservation, Planning & Zoning Committee.

NOTE: All Floodplain or Shoreland/Wetland (w/in 300’ of navigable water) development subject to County and/or State permit requirements; contact this office to verify. Local permits may be required.