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Darlington commits to moving forward with new pool
darlington pool

DARLINGTON – The July 2, 2019 meeting of the Darlington City Council was called to order by Mayor David Breunig.

The Darlington Parks and Recreation Committee recommended that the city continue with step #2 of phase one of the Burbach Aquatics, Inc. evaluation and develop a new construction plan for the city’s swimming pool.

Roger Schamberger of Burbach Aquatics Inc. said, “This is a feasibility marketing study. This entails asking the Mayor to appoint a nine-person committee, as the Pool Committee. The committee will look at renovation or new facility and they work through all the details of what that will be. This will take approximately nine months and a presentation will be given after that time.”

Schamberger continued, “Within that we look at sizing, current population, 25 year projection of population. A lot of different conceptual site plans will come forward. After this process a recommendation will be made to the city council. Funding will also be looked at, whether it would be a capital campaign or a referendum. Step #2 is the critical step, that answers what will be the future of swimming and aquatics in Darlington.”

Alder Steve Pickett asked, “What will step #2 cost?”

Schamberger answered, “$2,475, plus some reimbursable’s such as mileage and stuff.”

Pickett followed up, “Will step #2 be developing a total cost for the project?”

Schamberger said, “We focus on your current needs and projected needs, we’ll come up with what size pool and what specific type of pool is wanted. Then we will work through opinion of project costs. We will also come up with an opinion of probable operating cost. Phase two is full design and specifications. Phase three is construction and administration. We are very careful about numbers, we want everybody to know how much it will take to put in a pool.”

Breunig asked, “Do you get any putting in indoor pools?”

Schamberger answered, “We do. Typically we look at municipalities with an in-town population of 10,000. We look really hard at the operating costs associated with an indoor pool.”

Alder Dave Roelli asked, “Have you looked into other locations for the pool?”

Park and Recreation Director Wade Berget answered, “We have not. Our main focus is on our current location. We are hoping to use some of our current facility, like our bath house.”

Roelli followed up with, “You were talking about some of the programs that the new pool could offer. Does the current pool offer anything for adults?”

Berget said, “We have our adult swim time, not currently any other programs. We are hoping there will be more interest and community involvement to develop these programs.”

A motion by Alder Erin Gallagher and second by Alder Cindy Corley to move forward with Step #2, Phase one of the Burbach evaluation to develop new construction program for the city’s swimming pool. Motion approved.

At the Park and Rec Committee Meeting it was acknowledged that this project needs to be financed by donated funds. The amount quoted to replace the current pool into a similar facility was $2.9 million.

In Other Business:

•Approved a temporary class “B” retailer’s license for the Lafayette County Fair Committee for the Lafayette County Fair.

•Approved a donation from the Darlington Lions’ to install a Lions’ head water fountain near the upper shelter house at Swimming Pool Park.

•Approved purchasing a replacement water fountain and bottle refiller for the cardio room at the Dora Ritter Wellness Center. The cost of the replacement will be $1,755 and will come out of the city’s share of the Bunny Hop funds.

•Approved paying June vouchers in the amount of $298,372.

            •Gallagher informed the council that the Rural Medical Board is working on continuing the contract with Green County EMS for one year. It will be voted on at an upcoming mee