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Echos of the past for Feb. 27
Old Fennimore Main Street
ONE HUNDRED TEN YEARS AGO (1910)—W. M. Peacock, proprietor of the Fennimore Creamery, will manufacture during the summer season a brand of “None Such” ice cream, will no doubt equal in excellence of quality his brand of “None Such” butter, which always commands the highest price.
    ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO (1920)—A new record price for hogs of any breed was established for the state of Wisconsin at the Croft & Edge Duroc Jersey Swine sale held at Fennimore, when Clarence Croft’s young herd boar, “Leader of Fashion,” brought $4,000 at private sale, Ames Bros. of Weaver, Minn., well known Duroc breeders, being the purchasers. This is the highest priced pig ever sold in Wisconsin as well as in a good many other states and Fennimore takes a good deal of credit that so great a distinction has come to one of her leading swine breeders.
    NINETY YEARS AGO (1930)—The Fennimore Baseball Boosters Club will present the sensational comedy “Corporal Eagen” at the Fenway Theatre Feb. 25-27, with a big cast of local people including Nubs Weaver, Carl Doeringsfeld, Margaret Orton, George Frantz, George Ruste, Helen Doeringsfeld, Roland Heberlein, and more.
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO (1940)—At a meeting of the stockholders of the Fennimore Bakery, Inc., officers and directors were elected to handle the affairs of the bakery. Merchants and other interested parties have subscribed sufficient stock to make it possible to operate the bakery here in Fennimore. Seven directors were elected: Charles Manning, Gordon Webster, Vern Eisele, George Frantz, Alvin Doeringsfeld, Oscar Kreul, and Will Rubin Jr. The directors then elected George Frantz president, Vern Eisele vice president, Gordon Webster treasurer, and Alvin Doeringsfeld secretary.
    SEVENTY YEARS AGO (1950)—While not as desperate as in many communities, the fuel situation is rapidly approaching the critical stage in Fennimore. A check-up of the Center Lumber Co. and Fennimore Lumber Co. reveals that their supplies of coal are virtually exhausted, with little hope of receiving any shipments in the near future. The Fennimore Lumber Co. estimated that their supply of lump coal would last only two more days and they are completely out of stoker coal. The situation is about the same at Center Lumber Co. Both yards are doing their best to supply their customers with block wood.
    SIXTY YEARS AGO (1960)—About 100 Legionnaires turned out for a Grant County Council meeting at the Legion Annex in Fennimore last week and welcomed their state commander, Lloyd Berken of Appleton. Eight county posts were represented as well as posts from Crawford and Richland Counties. —The Girl Scouts of Fennimore will join other Scouts all over the world in the celebration of the 48th year of Girl Scouting, beginning Sunday, March 6 when both Brownies and Intermediate will observe Girls Scout Sunday at the local churches. On March 7, the girls will start selling Girl Scout cookies, the four-flavored sandwich cookies, and a new chocolate-covered mint cookie, both 45 cents a box. There are approximately 75 girls in the Scout program in Fennimore this year.
     FIFTY YEARS AGO (1970)—The “Tel-A-Market Teen Contest” came to a climax Thursday evening when Alyce Harris and Bruce Schellinger were named the winners. Both were presented with $25 savings bonds. Alyce is a high school senior at Dodgeville and Bruce a student at Fennimore High School.
    FORTY YEARS AGO (1980)—Susan Leuck has been named valedictorian and Lynn Pomerening salutatorian for the Fennimore High School class of 1980. —Keith Kreul, national American Legion vice-commander for the midwest region, was honored on Feb. 23 at a testimonial dinner held at St. Clement’s Hall, Lancaster.
     THIRTY YEARS AGO (1990)—Under terms of the contract between the Fennimore School District and the Fennimore Education Association, the faculty and the administration each annually submits to the School Board a listing of 10 outstanding teachers. The teacher whose names appear on both lists split equally $3,000 in merit pay. This year, four teachers, Beth Stahlman, Dana Von Haden, Carol Flores, and Phil Hughey, were chosen by both the faculty and administration as being outstanding teachers.
    TWENTY YEARS AGO (2000)—Timothy Cole has been named valedictorian and Jessica Galer salutatorian for the Fennimore High School class of 2000. —Fennimore High School 135-pound wrestler, senior Mike Kelley, defeated Waubeno-Laona’s Mike Schmelling, 3-1, at the state wrestling meet in Madison to earn Fennimore’s first state title in 18 years.

    TEN YEARS AGO (2010)—The Fennimore Times welcomed Emily Schendel as its newest part-time employee. She will assist editor Correne Morgan with some office duties as well as some reporting and photography.