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Echos of the Past for October 3
Old Fennimore Main Street
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO (1919)—The Grant County Fair has at last come into its own and the new management is to be congratulated on the fine showing made this year. —Still no linotype operator in sight and the Times is still a little erratic in publication time. We trust our readers will bide with us for a bit longer until we get squared away again. We are greatly indebted to our good newspaper friends in Lancaster for invaluable assistance rendered.
    NINETY YEARS AGO (1929)—Quite a feather in Fred Brandt’s cap. He sold a fancy four year old cow, pure bred Guernsey of course, to the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station at Ames, Iowa. Those Ames fellows know their stuff. —A shipment of fingerling German brown trout, about 50 cans, were received Saturday from the state fish hatchery at Bayfield, and placed in various streams of this community by local sportsmen.
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO (1939)—An oil tank car went off the rails about 1/2 mile west of Preston Sunday about 6 p.m., tearing up considerable track before the freight train could be brought to a stop. A crew of section men, under the supervision of James Moen and Edw. Maso, went right to work and repaired the right of way so that the train could proceed into Fennimore Sunday evening. —Royce Bray successfully negotiated his first airplane solo flight at the local airport on Sept. 20. Royce had been taking instructions from Pilot Carl Swanson ever since the latter came to town.
    SEVENTY YEARS AGO (1949)—We are informed by the city clerk, Mrs. Bertha Pope, that the city has now completed its part of the schedule necessary to become eligible for city mail delivery. Maps and records are complete, all houses are numbered, and streets properly marked. All that remains now is for Postmaster Gerald Scanlan to get the official approval of the federal postal authorities in Washington, D.C. —A local branch of the Goble-Weeden Funeral Home of Lancaster will be opened in Fennimore about Dec. 1. This firm recently purchased the Mrs. Dwight Parker residence and will remodel it to provide up-to-date facilities for funerals.
    SIXTY YEARS AGO (1959)—A total of 600 exhibits, a new all time record high, were entered by 297 4-H and FFA youth in this area, as the 25th annual Fennimore Junior Fair held at the high school Saturday took rank with the finest in the long string of successful events staged by Fennimore area rural youth.
     FIFTY YEARS AGO (1969)—A beautiful day swelled the attendance at the annual Fennimore Junior Fair held Saturday at the high school. Participation by area 4-H clubs and FFA was, as usual, close to 100 percent. —Keith Rands, Fennimore insurance agent who is associated with Arden Wood and Charles Horne in the Fennimore Insurance and Realty Co., was named “Man of the Year” by the Health Insurance Underwriters of Wisconsin at the annual sales congress conducted by the organization in Madison Friday.
    FORTY YEARS AGO (1979)—Marcene James has been appointed by Governor Lee Dreyfus to serve on the Governor’s Task Force for Women. Mrs. James was selected as co-chairperson of the Task Force on Marital Economic Reform. The purpose of the task force is to work to expand the limited legal rights given women in areas such as joint property and inheritance of their spouse’s property upon death.
     THIRTY YEARS AGO (1989)—The cast has been chosen and rehearsals are underway for this year’s fall musical production at Fennimore High School. The 1989 show consists of two choral revues, “Broadway” and “SRO” (Standing Room Only). The show is scheduled for Nov. 3 and 4 at the high school.
    TWENTY YEARS AGO (1999)—William and Mike Spoerl of Ashbury, Iowa, operated a 1/3 scale hay press at the Heritage Day celebration at the Fennimore Railroad Museum Sunday. The hay press was just one of scores of interesting displays at the event which featured power take-off engines, tractors, and all sorts of inventions from times gone past.
    TEN YEARS AGO (2009)—Channel 27 News, Madison, visited Fennimore Friday afternoon for its Bob and Jake’s Tailgate program. Fennimore was chosen for its traditionally talented football program, its small town feel, and its rivalry with Iowa-Grant which was played out in the schools’ annual milk can game.
Sports director Jake Zimmerman and Chief Meteorologist Bob Lindmeier hosted a live broadcast from Fennimore’s football sidelines.