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CSP releases 2022 water quality monitoring results
For Crawford County
CSP 2022 WQM locations
IN 2022, Crawford Stew-ardship Project continued their ongoing water quality monitoring efforts in Crawford County. In their recently released 2022 report, they detail results from three areas in the county. Those areas are two sites in Scott and Haney townships on Richland Creek and Shaw Hollow Creek; on Boydtown Creek and an unnamed spring in Wauzeka Town-ship; and in Marietta Township at an unnamed location near Kickapoo Valley Road.

CRAWFORD COUNTY - Crawford Stewardship Project (CSP) has released their 2022 ‘Potential Pathogens and Total Phosphorous Annual Report. The data in the report come from CSP’s water quality monitoring  (WQM) program, led by their WQM Program Coordinator Omaru Heras.

The three areas included in the report are for Scott and Haney Townships, Wauzeka Township, and Marietta Township.

In Scott and Haney townships, they monitor two sites on Richland Creek and Shaw Hollow Creek. In Wauzeka Township, they monitor Boydtown Creek, and an unnamed spring. In Marietta Township, they monitor at an unnamed location near Kickapoo Valley Road.

CSP 2022 WQM_Scott and Haney Townships

Scott/Haney Townships

At the location on Richland Creek, E.coli levels recorded, expressed as coliform forming units (cfu) per 100 milliliters (mL) were as follows:

• May: 7.70 cfu/100 mL

• June: 58 cfu/100 mL

• July: 290 cfu/100 mL

• August: 100 cfu/100 mL

• Sept.: 1,200 cfu/100 mL

• October: 210 cfu/100 mL

For surface waters, levels of E.coli above 126 cfu/100mL are considered unsafe, and levels above 1,000 cfu/100 mL mandate the closing of public beaches.

Total phosphorous readings at this location, expressed as milligrams-per-liter (mg/L) came in at:

• May: 0.020 mg/L

• June: 0.080 mg/L

• July: 0.060 mg/L

• August: 0.050 mg/L

• September: 0.100 mg/L

• October: 0.090 mg/L

The standard for levels of phosphorous in surface water is 0.075 mg/L, which is a level found naturally occurring in bodies of water. Higher levels cause excess algae and plant growth, and their death and decomposition cause oxygen levels to drop dramatically, which can cause fish and other aquatic organisms to die.

On Shaw Creek at the Taylor Ridge Road bridge, E.coli  levels recorded were:

• May: 100 cfu/100 mL

• June: 700 cfu/100 mL

• July: 640 cfu/100 mL

• August: 500 cfu/100 mL

• Sept.: 990 cfu/100 mL

• October: 740 cfu/100 mL

At this location, total phosphorous levels came in at:

• May: 0.01 mg/L

• June: 0.03 mg/L

• July: 0.02 mg/L

• August: 0.03 mg/L

• September: 0.03 mg/L

• October: 0.03 mg/L

CSP notes heavy manure spreading was observed near these two monitoring locations in June and September. They also note that high levels of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) at the Richland Creek site in October, with low levels of running water in general.

MRSA is a group of Gram-positive bacteria that are genetically distinct from other strains of Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. It caused more than 100,000 deaths attributable to antimicrobial resistance in 2019.

CSP 2022 WQM_Wauzeka Township

Wauzeka Township

At the Boydtown Creek location, E.coli levels measured were:

• May: 30 cfu/100 mL

• June: 650 cfu/100 mL

• July: 720 cfu/100 mL

• August: 1,300 cfu/100 mL

• Sept: 340 cfu/100 mL

• Oct.: 630 cfu/100 mL

At this location, levels of total phosphorous measured were:

• May: 0.080 mg/L

• June: 0.180 mg/L

• July: 0.190 mg/L

• August: 0.160 mg/L

• Sept.: 0.200 mg/L

• Oct.: 0.150 mg/L

At the unnamed spring measuring location, E.coli levels measured were:

• May: 93 cfu/100 mL

• June: 68 cfu/100 mL

• July: 82 cfu/100 mL

• August: 100 cfu/100 mL

• Sept: 82 cfu/100 mL

• Oct: 100 cfu/100 mL

At this location, total phosphorus levels measured were:

• May: 0.010 mg/L

• June: 0.010 mg/L

• July: 0.030 mg/L

• August: 0.040 mg/L

• Sept: 0.020 mg/L

• Oct.: 0.030 mg/L

CSP 2022 WQM_Marietta Township

Marietta Township

At the location near Kickapoo Valley Road, E.coli levels measured in May were at just under 50,000 cfu/100 mL, and phosphorous levels were at 0.36 mg/L.

CSP notes that there was very heavy manure spreading in the vicinity of this monitoring site in June, with water levels particularly low due to drought conditions.