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Its fair time
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DARLINGTON—The 156th Lafayette County Fair will be a hot one July 11-15.
Fairgoers and exhibitors are asked to take precautions when enduring the heat and humidity for long periods of time.
Fairgoers are asked to drink plenty of fluids both before arriving at the fairgrounds and while at the event, wear hats and stay in shaded areas when possible.
Jenny Russell of the Lafayette County UW-Extension Office said animal exhibitors are required to take a class to teach them how to reduce the stress for animals in the heat.
“The heat and humidity can be dangerous for the animals,” Russell said. “Our fair is held during one of the warmest times of the year. It is something we work with every year.”
Exhibitors are told to work with their animals in the early morning or evening when temperatures are better. The animals should have lots of drinking water and should also be sprayed down regularly. There should be good airflow and ventilation for the animals. If the animal looks or acts tired or stressed, don’t yell around the animal.
Exhibitors need to take care of themselves, too. They should drink plenty of water, realize when they are tired and take breaks frequently. There are fans in the Floral Hall and the barns are all shaded. Kids can even cool down by going on some of the carnival rides.
New to the fair this year is wine judging, mud hog wrestling and Little Texas entertaining.
The full fair schedule includes:

-Wednesday, July 11
Sheep, goats and swine entry day
9 a.m. Judging Cloverbuds and
9:30 a.m. Judging Open Food
10 a.m. Judging Open Clothing
Noon Judging Open Foods
1 p.m. Judging Jr. and Open Flowers
1 p.m. Rabbits, Cats and Dairy Products
6 p.m. Goat Judging
6:30 p.m. Stock Car Races - Hot Laps
7 p.m. Stock Car Races
10 p.m. Floral Hall closed

-Thursday, July 12
Entry Day Beef & Dairy
9 a.m. Swine Judging
1 p.m. Poultry Judging
4 p.m. Carnival rides start
6:30 p.m. Lafayette County Tractor
Pullers Open Pull
7 p.m. Little Britches Dairy Judging,
followed by Dairy Judging
10 p.m. Floral Hall closed

-Friday, July 13
Free Gate, Senior Citizen Day
8:45 a.m. Sheep Lead Class
9 a.m. Sheep Judging followed by Little Britches & showmanship
9 a.m. Dairy Judging followed by showmanship
3 p.m. Wine judging and sampling
7 p.m. Beef Heifer Show and Little Britches
6:45 p.m. Brook Garrison
8 p.m. Little Texas
11 p.m. Floral Hall closed

-Saturday, July 14
8 a.m. Junior Beef Show followed by showmanship
Noon Lafayette County Tractor Pullers Open Pull
1 p.m. Livestock & Cheese Auction
5 p.m. Kiddie Tractor Pull
6:30 p.m. Badger State Tractor Pull
11 p.m. Floral Hall closed

-Sunday, July 15
9 a.m. Release of meat animals
10 a.m. Clothing Style Show
10 a.m. Third annual singing talent contest
Noon Herdsmanship Awards
Noon Antique Tractor Pull
12:15 p.m. Rural Olympics
1 p.m. Mud Hog Rodeo
4-5 p.m. Release Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits & Floral Hall
5 p.m. Floral Hall closed
6 p.m. Gauntlet, Soccer Car & Trailer Races