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Faith, Family, and Fashion in Fennimore
Megan Linneman
Driving down Lincoln Avenue you may have noticed a fashionable mannequin in the window along with a fresh new sign.
This past Saturday, Jan. 25 the community came out to check out what was indeed going on behind those doors, and were greeted by Megan Linneman and her family during the grand opening of 29:11 and Me Boutique and Megan’s Creative Creations grand opening located at 980 Lincoln Avenue.
Both operations have been going on for some time, the boutique getting its start in 2018 and the Creative Creations in the years previous. However as the popularity of her creations and clothing and accessory offerings grew, the family came to a crossroads with their businesses.
“I had mainly been working on Facebook, getting our name out there,” Megan shared. “But the group already had 1,700 people in it and our inventory and business was getting too big to do out of our home. We came to a point where the options were to either cut way back or find  another option for operating it.”
For Megan, her faith is her guide and her relationship to God is an extremely important factor. So when she came to this crossroads she did what came natural to her in a situation like this, she prayed.
“The boutique weighed on my mind for a long time,” Megan shared. “I prayed really, really hard about it, hoping that if it wasn’t meant to be I’d know.  We went to visit my grandma for Thanksgiving and I prayed more. I prayed that if it was not meant to be this door would be clearly closed. I was so unsettled going to bed, but when I woke up the first thought that came to my mind was ‘Why are you not trusting God on this?’ I knew in that moment this is exactly what I was meant to be doing.”
It was also her faith that led her to the name that she gave her boutique.
“It’s named after Jeremiah 29:11 which says ‘For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and  not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ That verse has been my rock for a long time. When I went through a difficult patch in my life I clung to that verse. When I began being called to the idea of a boutique I knew I had to have that as a back bone. Because of what this boutique is provided to me, I am in a position to help women see their best selves. In my group I’m always telling the members to be kind, be nice to yourself, you matter! I try so hard to lift others up in my business, so when people say they feel comfortable and good with how they look, I believe that’s really my purpose.”
Megan shares that her faith has helped her through many hard moments in her life. And that opening her businesses has given her pride in knowing that  you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.
“I came from a very rough childhood both at home and in school,” Megan shared. “I wish I could personally reach out and hug every single child who is struggling whether it be at home or at school and just tell them it won’t be like this forever and the pain you may be feeling won’t always be like this and whatever your circumstances may be, they don’t have to define you and you can do whatever you set your mind to. I am proof of that.”
To be able to be supportive in her business of bodies of all shapes and sizes, Megan works hard to source and offer items that are versatile and flattering for everyone.
“Everything is very business casual or casual,” Megan said. “It’s things that you can dress up or down. Nothing is extremely tight because we all have those parts of our body we are self conscious about. We carry sizes small through 3X, regular and plus sizes. It is very important to me to offer a range of sizes and most of our mannequins are realistic sizes as well. We wanted people to feel comfortable. People come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all beautiful.  We very much try to get people’s opinions on what they like and we try hard to offer what people like.”
The reception during the past weekend’s open house was magnificent for Megan and her family.
“We had a much better turnout than expected,” Megan said with pride in her voice. “We sold over half of our clothes. We are blessed beyond what we could have imagined.”
In addition to clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories, Megan also operates Megan’s Creative Creations in the back of the boutique location.
“I’ve always been a crafty, tinkering type,” Megan shared. “For several years I did a lot of crocheting. Signs were just starting to be popular and I was getting a lot of recommendations and referrals and I grew that way. That also exploded at the point when the verse came close to me, and everything evolved from there.”
During the open house, Megan offered a small do it yourself block decorating event in the back. For $6, attendees were able to decorate a seasonal block and take it home. Megan plans to offer these small, fun, affordable classes during the time her 29:11 and Me Boutique is open.
However, she continues to operate and be able to use the space for private classes and sign making events going forward as she did prior to the opening.
“We have some bridal showers booked and bachelorette parties and work get-togethers,” Megan said. “It’s nice for people who would like to do the events but don’t want to host it in their home or maybe don’t have the space to.”
The brick and mortar store front of both the 29:11 and Me Boutique and Megan’s Creative Creations will be open at the same time a couple of days each month. The days and hours will be posted in the store front and also on Facebook.
 For February, the dates will be Feb. 22 and 23 with exact hours to be announced closer to the day. However, shoppers and creators alike can check out the offerings and possibilities on Facebook at Megan’s Creative Creations and at 29:11 and Me Boutique LLC.