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Family Dollar closed Saturday March 23
Fennimore is one of 600 store locations set to close in 2024
Family Dollar Fenn
Fennimore lost a retail shopping spot, as Family Dollar, which operated here in Fennimore since 2019, shut its door this past weekend.
        Family Dollar, owned by Dollar Tree, recently announced that they were closing 600 locations this year and 370 stores over the next several years as store leases expire.
        Dollar Tree, who owns Family Dollar, announced that stores will begin closing this year in a statement:
        “As previously disclosed, in the fourth quarter of 2023 we initiated a comprehensive review of our store portfolio to identify and address underperforming stores and invest in improved store standards and growth. Our review identified approximately 600 Family Dollar stores for closure in the first half of 2024 and an additional approximately 370 stores to be closed over the next several years during the normal course of lease expiration. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores are important to thousands of communities across this country. We owe it to those we serve to position all of our stores for success and meet the expectations of our valued customers and associates.”
        Family Dollar has around 8,000 stores in the United States.
        WKOW-27, Madison, when reporting on the Family Dollar closings stopped in Fennimore Wednesday, March 13, as part of their news coverage.
        According to WKOW-27, employees of Family Dollar here in Fennimore, were notified of the store closing last month, but Randy Bender, owner of the building, as well as Bender’s Foods, knew the lease wasn’t going to be renewed as far back as November.
        He said in a statement: “Family Dollar began a five year lease to operate a corporate store at 320 Lincoln Ave. in March of 2019. Like many other property owners, I was notified by Family Dollar Stores of Wisconsin in November of 2023 that they would not be renewing that lease which expires March 31, 2024.”
        He went on to say that although he owns the building Family Dollar resides in, he had nothing to do with the timing or process of notifying store employees and vendors.

        The Fennimore store’s closing, which was posted on their doors earlier this month, went out with a bang as deals brought shoppers in droves the last few weeks.