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B&I sells lot through bids
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LAFAYETTE COUNTY – Ted Wiegel, chair of the Lafayette County Building and Insurance called the meeting held Tuesday, April 11 at 9:00 a.m. to order.
    Four bids were received for the county owned parking lot on West Harriet Street in the City of Darlington. The bids were opened and read aloud: Goebel Plumbing - $5,100; Michelle Hauser - $5,000; Craig Sander - $5,100 and Paul Godfrey - $7,100. The bids were discussed. Jack Sauer said, “I think the bids should have been closer to $10,000, it behooves the county just to keep the lot.” Tony Wiegel, Head Maintenance at the courthouse stated the portable sheds housed on the lot, stores lawn mowers, snowmobiles, fuel, etc. and is well used. A motion by Larry Ludlum to refuse all bids was approved.
    Two bids were received for the 5.63 acre lot located  adjacent to the Holy Rosary Cemetery and they were read aloud: Jeremy Williams & Colleen Riechling - $20,000 and Pat & Jane Klieber - $11,260. Dwayne Larson said, “We might as well sell the lot, I’d hope we would have got more but $20,000 is $20,000.” Different ideas were discussed. Motion by Jack Wiegel to accept the $20,000 bid was made and approved.
Tuck Pointing
    The bell tower needs to have tuck pointing work, Three bids were received. The bids included: David Chambers - $14,000 (not in writing); R&W Restoration - $10,000 and Droessler & Sons - $14,845, with additional costs possible. R&W Restoration has done work on the courthouse in the past. Discussion ensued. A motion was made to accept the lowest bid R&W Restoration. Approved.
In other business:
    •Sale of Sheriff’s and Highway towers were tabled.
    •Looking into a filter for the pond. Right now the pond is drained and refilled every ten days. The pond on the courthouse lawn requires 2,500 gallons every time it’s refilled. Water is purchase from the City of Darlington. Tony Wiegel, Head Maintenance at the courthouse is hoping the filter will reduce the amount of water used during the summer months.
    •Steam pipe leak under the courthouse has been repaired. The air quality part of the bill was reduced by $800.
    •Assessment Tool for Drug and Specialty Court were approved.
    •Approved an exhaust fan for the boiler room for not more than $350.
    •Approved spraying the courthouse lawn for weeds.
    •Judges lights - waiting until leaks are fixed.
    •Approved bid from the Republican Journal for printing the County Board proceedings.
    •Approved a resolution appointing the Republican Journal as the official county newspaper.
    •Approved a 2017-2018 Official Directory bid from Morrissey Printing for $725.