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City of Darlington approves fire district by-law changes
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DARLINGTON – The Darlington City Council meeting was held Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2018 at the City Council meeting room.
    Alder Steve Pickett is the city’s representative to the Darlington Community Fire District (DCFD). Picket presented a revamped copy of the DCFD by-laws. All municipalities involved (City of Darlington, Town of Fayette, Town of Lamont, Town of Seymour and the Town of Willow Springs) must approve the new language in the by-laws.
    The major change in the by-laws addresses a municipal member’s withdrawal (such as Town of Kendall). The added language is as follows: Article VI, B, #2. A withdrawing member shall receive no compensation for their interest in the district upon withdrawal. #3. A withdrawing member shall still be responsible for their proportionate share of any outstanding debt that occurred prior to the member notifying the district of their intention to withdraw from the district. #4. A withdrawing member shall still be responsible for any potential or pending liability claims that may occur through Dec. 31 of the year they withdraw.
    Pickett stated that all the town boards would be voting on the changed by-laws this month. Pickett said, “After all the stuff that went on in the last two years (Town of Kendall withdraw) during discussion at DCFD meetings, everybody said, no, we’re staying and whoever gets out, gets out. They don’t get any money. In most of these cases after you’ve been in for 10 or 12 years and you’ve gotten services for all those years, you paid for what you got. Why should you get paid for getting out?”
    Pickett continued, “Each of the municipalities has said, yes, we agree with this and all will sign the contract. In the future nobody will be blindsided and there won’t be a question of interpretation.”
    Alder Don Osterday made a motion to approve the contract of fire protection services as presented, with a second by Pickett. Approved.
Raze Order
    A raze order has been executed by the City of Darlington on a property owned by Fabian Ortiz at 816 Louisa Street, Darlington. According to a letter from Darlington City Inspector Mike Reuter a raze order was delivered to the owner of record Fabian Ortiz on Sept. 8, 2017. Mr. Ortiz called the city on Sept. 26, 2017 and had questions in regards to transfer of ownership. As of Jan. 15, 2018 no other contact has been made to the city. Reuter stated that the owners have not complied with this order.
    It was noted the raze order was recorded on the property’s deed at the Lafayette County Register of Deeds office.
    The next step for the city, if the city wanted to go forward with the raze order, is to have City Attorney Bill McDaniel file a lawsuit in court. Darlington Clerk, Treasurer Phil Risseeuw told the council that this being old business, they could instruct McDaniel to proceed at this meeting.
    Alder Erin Gallagher thought it should be posted on the agenda to allow the owner of the building to appear at a city council meeting. The council decided to put the item on the next agenda.
    In Other Business:
    •Scheduled an Ordinance Committee meeting to discuss proposed changes to City Ordinance Chapter 7.14 – Designated ATV, UTV and Modified Golf Cart routes for Mon. Jan. 23 at 6:30 p.m.
    •Approved a renewal application to make Darlington a Bird City Wisconsin 2018.
    •Approved an original alcohol beverage retail license for Mark Salathe. The license is replacing the license issued to Georgia Nyffeneger who operated G’Nyff’s Bar. The new bar will be called Salathe’s Saloon and will begin operation January 30, 2018.
    •Approved Paying Dec. 2017 vouchers of $918,853.