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Common Council approves bath house design
Project scheduled to go to bid in January
Pool Bath House
The bath house at the new Fennimore Community Pool will feature a roof that matches the existing Kenney Pavilion, as well as lettering to match lettering at Fennimore Middle/High School. - photo by Robert Callahan photo

The Fennimore Common Council has approved concept drawings for a new bath house at the Fennimore Community Pool.

“It is getting time where we need to get and finalize plans to get state-approved plans and go to bid by January, well earliest, January 2,” alderperson Pete Adam told the Council during its semi-monthly meeting on Nov. 14.
Adam presented the Council with concept drawings created by Rachel Zimmer of Zimmer Design.

“One of the in-kind donations was the engineering of this,” Adam said. “Rachel was asked to come up with some concepts and then I had one of my CAD guys draw a 3D rendering with the colors, the roof and the posts to match the existing pavilion, and the lettering to match the high school lettering across the street.”

An engineer’s opinion of probable cost for the bath house renovation was $639,000.

“Because that was their professional opinion we did not deviate from that when we brought that to the Council,” Adam said. “However, based on conversation I have had with three different firms, I believe that we could build the bath house as it is drawn here for what we have raised in fundraising to date.

“I don’t believe, as a Council, we would need to use any City funds to complete the bath house.”

Adam told the Council last week pledges and funds of $430,000 have been received to date. He expects an additional $100,000 in commitments – in-kind and other cash donations – before fundraising concludes.