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County approves revised Farmland Preservation Plan
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DARLINGTON – The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, April 18 and approved Resolution 4-17, the adoption of the revised 2016-2026 Lafayette County Farmland Preservation Plan.
Lafayette County adopted the Farmland Preservation Plan in 2016 that makes qualified land eligible for farmland preservation tax credits. It was revised by the 2009-2011 Wisconsin Administrative Rules in 2010, which revised all existing county farmland preservation plans. It is now required that the Farmland Preservation Plan and the county’s Comprehensive Plan be consistent by incorporating the Farmland Preservation Plan and Farmland Preservation Ordinance into the Comprehensive Plan.
Planning and Zoning Committee Chairman Jack Wiegel said that it was revised because Blanchard Township was unzoned and they would be receiving tax refund monies on their land. Troy Maggied, Executive Director of the Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission stated that they had not included the town of Blanchard and they needed to. The town of Blanchard was the only unzoned town that is within an Agricultural Enterprise Area. That allows them to have access to farmland preservation tax credits. Jack Wiegel made the motion to accept the revised plan with Kriss Marion seconding. The motion passed unanimously.
The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors also approved:
-the 2016 Lafayette County Five Year Long-Range Plan for Library Services.
-the 2017 Real Estate Lease Agreement between Lafayette County and Lafayette County Promotions, LLC.
-Resolution 102-16, creating the Lafayette County ordinance 7-1-1.10a for Public Health Nuisances.
-Resolution 9-17, for local and national Law Enforcement week taking place May 15-20, with Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15.
-Resolution 104-16 creating the Lafayette County ordinance 7-1-1.13a Animal Regulations and Treatment of Animals.
-Resolution 1-17, creating the rank of Corporal within the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office for two Sheriff’s Deputies within the Jail Division and two Sheriff’s Deputies within the Patrol Division with a wage increase of $.75/hour for the Jail Corporal and $.50/hour for the Patrol Corporal.
-Resolution 2-17, creating a Primary Car Clinic Business Office Lead Position, with a $40,000 per year or $19.23 per hour wage, plus benefits.
-Resolution 3-17, appointing the Republican Journal as the official newspaper for Lafayette County.
-Resolution 5-17 and 6-17, petitions for land use change in Elk Grove Township and Fayette Township.
-Resolution 7-17, modification to the floodplain ordinance for Hidden Valley Lake Dam – Hydraulic Shadow Map Zoning Adoption.
-Resolution 8-17, amending Resolution 106-16, authorizing the refill of the position for Director of Finance to Lindsey Van Matre with compensation to be paid at an annual rate of $52,500, with an increase to $57.500 after six months and a positive evaluation by the Finance Committee and then increased to $62,500 after one year of employment and with a positive evaluation, with other Lafayette County annual future compensation/adjustments to be applied.