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County K Building still waiting issues
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DARLINGTON – At the Lafayette County County K building committee meeting, held Monday, July 11, 2016, new chairperson, Gerald Heimann called the meeting to order.
    ADRC was first on the agenda. There have been waiting room issues. Clientele from County K renter – Platteville Family Resource Center, Inc. have been dominating time in the waiting room area. Last week, adults came to an appointment and left their children in the waiting room, leaving the receptionist to babysit for a couple of hours. This is not acceptable for the ADRC, which has a state wide policy of separate waiting area.
    Jack Sauer, County Board Supervisor suggested that Shane Schuhmacher, Lafayette County Human Services department head, talk to the persons in charge of the Platteville Family Resources Center to try to find a way to resolve the situation.
    The automatic door is still in limbo. A bid of $2,390 was received from Automatic Entrances of WI, Inc. Mary Mezera, Regional Manager for the ADRC of Southwest Wisconsin stated she submitted it to the state. The amount may be funded by ADRC. The state has not gotten back to us yet.
    In regard to the waiting/reception area Mezera stated, “Technically Lafayette County is still out of compliance, and that’s what I put on the report. As are many counties throughout the state. It’s a big discussion across the state, cause their trying to get everybody consistent.”
    An outdoor windbreak was next to be discussed. The committee moved the meeting to the reception area to see what the committee is considering. The idea is to make a windbreak for the front door, so in the winter time – cold air doesn’t blow in. Several ideas were bantered about. In the end a motion was made by Sauer to advertise for bid to construct an outdoor windbreak. Have the contractor come to the site and the committee can share their ideas with the contractor and the contractor can share with the committee his or her ideas.
In Other Business;
    •Precision Control from Monroe came to the County K building and went through and adjusted the heating and cooling controls.
    •Bugs were discussed. A call will be made to Wagner Pest Control and Blaser Pest Control to get a bid to service the building.
    •The server room had an air conditioning unit installed by Fritz’s Burner Service at a cost of $8,130. All reports is that the unit doing the job.
    •The Workforce Development Office got their own internet line.
    •Storage shed is ready to  be dissolved. Ideas were tossed about. Members will get together this week at the storage shed. Possibly price the items or see if an auction might be a better way to go.
    •Lever locks are in at Mathys Hardware.