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County K property moving forward
SHANE SCHUHMACHER and Ed Wiegel check the progress of the downstairs County K Building remodeling project. Things are starting to take shape with walls and offices coming into focus. Now is the time to find potential problems and get them changed before theyre a perminant problem. Epic Construction is doing the work.

  The County K Building committee of Lafayette County met at the County K building on Friday, Jan. 8. The main thrust of the meeting was to take care of peripherals and anticipate future problems.
    The committee discussed the following items:
    •For the upstairs, the interior door knobs for the offices, need to be changed from knobs to lever handles as per the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) inspection and report, but, it was unclear whether it was a request or a requirement. David Hammer, committe member, suggested that the board go ahead and replace the knobs, because in the future it may become a requirement. Ed Wiegel,  said he would look into replacing just the knob part and use the previous locking mechanism for each door.
    •Front door locks and building entry points. Shane Schuhmacher, Human Services Department Head, said, “I think the three entry doors, the key fobs are the way to go, it’s a good tracking device, because it records the user when you use them. The tentative price is $800 per entry ways installed by ComElec. Wiegel will look into it further.
    •File cabinets. The Human Services has a great number of file cabinets. They are, to varying degrees, privacy sensitive. In the original plans a file room would be able to have been accessed by the Department of Corrections (the other occupants of the County K Building) and that would not be acceptable. Schuhmacher said, “we need to get creative what type of files and locking systems we can get on a file, and put only locked files in that room.”
    •Change orders. IT cable for the upstairs - $17,869; light fixtures for the downstairs hallway, the ceiling height didn’t allow for overhead lights, and needed to use sidelights - $1,585 is the difference. Gerald Heimann, committe member, made the motion to approve the change orders. Approved.
    Another potential problem are four water pipes that run through the ceiling of the main IT room. The ceiling must be made waterproof (or some other fix), otherwise, if water got into the IT room it could be catastrophic.
    The committee also, discussed ADA guidelines, regarding the main entry, power assist doors, and the upstairs bathroom; time clock and not bringing it over to the new building. In the future employees will be “punching in” on their computers; white boards – whether or not they coming over to the new building.