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Manor agrees to mystery settlement, addresses refill
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DARLINGTON - The Lafayette Manor Committee meeting, held Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, began with closed session. Coming out of closed session the committee approved a motion “to agree to the settlement that was discussed in closed session”. When asked whom the settlement was with or how much the settlement was, Larry Ludlum, committee chair, said, “We don’t have to tell you.” Julie Chikowski, Manor and Hospital Administrator said, “I believe it falls under lawyer – client privilege. It will be going to county board.”
    Refilling the Manor Finance manager came up next. At previous Finance and HR committee meetings, it was approved to hire a half-time Finance Department person and a half-time Manor Finance Manager position. It was stated that this will need to go before the County Board (at the Finance and HR meeting, it was stated it would not have to go to the County Board). It was stated after those meetings, during discussion - that because of the enormity of the change that it should go to the County Board.
    A job description and compensation were handed out to committee members. A motion that “The Manor Committee supports the position of having a half-time financial manager and that person would be half-time in the Financial office.”
    Nicola Maurer, the current Finance Manager at the Manor asked if she could speak? She said, “This is hard because nobody spoke to me prior to this happening. Essentially these duties are being taken away from me. I feel that I have performed well as Finance Manager at the Manor over the last six months. I don’t understand why this is happening. Nevertheless these committees are approving this and I respect their authority to do so. I’m concerned how we meld those two position together.”
    Chikowski said, “I agree with Nicola that this will be an interesting marriage of positions. The Accounts payable position will be data entry and the Manor Finance manager is a much higher level position. The Finance Committee took this action because they wanted you (Nicola) to focus more on the county finances. I will say that you (Nicola) have done a beautiful job here.”
    Maurer responded, “Thank you for your comments Julie. My concern is if we hire someone who is not truly qualified to do this Manor position, it will make more work for me, because now I will have to make sure the Manor finances are accurate and if there are errors, I will have to find those errors and train them.”
    Ludlum said that he wouldn’t enter in to any discussion or debate on this issue.
    The motion was approved.
    In other business:
    •The committee will look into security cameras for the major entries. Peggy Rolli will look into prices.
    •Got the okay to purchase five chairs for report rooms at $100 each from Main Furniture & Home in Darlington.