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Soldiers Grove Village Board agrees on buying a pumper
Soldiers Grove

SOLDIERS GROVE - Replacing an aging pumper truck used the by the Soldiers Grove Fire Department was a major topic of conversation at the Soldiers Grove Village Board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Fire chief Roger Olson said the 1981 pumper truck needed to be replaced. It is the number two pumper truck. The problem is rust in the steel tank and attached valves causing it to leak.

The department has a 2002 pumper truck with a poly tank and it is in good shape with about 5,000 to 7,000 miles on it. It is the number one pumper truck.

Olson told the board that the department had found another pumper truck on the internet to use as their number two pumper. It is a 1998 truck that will fit in the village shop and it has a poly tank. The truck is being sold by a fire department in Delaware.

The price is within reach of the fire department funds at about $65,000.

Village trustee Vickie Campbell questioned what the final cost might be on the truck.

The truck appears to come with hoses, but the hoses may or may not be included, Olson told the board. Hoses from the current truck could be used.

“Well I just don’t want it to be like the brush truck, where we say $65,000 and it ends up being $100,000,” Campbell said.

Village trustee Shayne Chapman said added expenses could probably be held to within $5,000 more.

Village trustee Steve George said he was in favor of following through on getting the pumper truck described or another one.

Village trustee Jerry Miller moved to approve authorizing the fire department to purchase a pumper truck in the price range discussed–about $65,000. George seconded the motion and it was passed by the board  with village trustee Shayne Chapman abstaining.

Another matter that prompted some discussion at the meeting is the future of the sewer plant and sewer system in the village and the joint sewer plant proposal to build one plant to serve both Soldiers Grove and Gays Mills.

Village president Paul Nicholson and village trustee Harrison Heilman attended a Gays Mills Village Board meeting where the sewer proposal was presented by Davy Engineering. 

 Gays Mills decided they would apply for a five-year variance in meeting the current DNR phosphorous levels. Soldiers Grove currently has four years of variance remaining.

Nicholson said that Davy Engineering had charged $289 for a meeting they had proposed to discuss options for Soldiers Grove. The board felt the billing was unfair and decided the village would deny paying the bill. 

The board decided the village should get another option from another engineering firm on what should be done to remedy the sewer problems.

During the discussion of the sewer situation, the board said the option of the joint plant should be explored, as well as the option of the village doing its own plant. 

It was noted the school district could benefit from a joint plan.

The board decided to seek more information and keep in contact with Gays Mills and the North Crawford School District.

 In other business, the Soldiers Grove Village Board:

• learned 22 dead trees in the village need to be removed

• approved buying new tires and a seat cushion  and windows for the backhoe

• approved the purchase of a 30-hp zero turn mower for $13,500 with a trade-in

• tabled a liquor license application until the February meeting for Howard Arndt for the Acorn Lounge