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Handgun range closed at Yellowstone
yellowstone gun range

FAYETTE – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is closing the 25-foot handgun range at Yellowstone Lake in Fayette due to facility degradation. The 25-foot handgun range in Columbia County has also been closed.

The DNR has determined that the closure is necessary for the protection of the public. DNR will investigate how best to manage the design and use of these facilities safely.

It was realized that the backstops at the 25-foot handgun ranges were beginning to deteriorate due to excessive use. The ranges will likely be closed throughout the winter and will reopen if the DNR is confident in the safety of the design.

The DNR is committed to providing a safe, enjoyable range experience for its users. The department will continue to monitor, evaluate, and make necessary range modifications and improvements to ensure the public’s safety while they recreate at DNR-managed ranges.

The 50-foot and 100-foot fire ranges in Yellowstone are still open and accessible by the public.

Visit the DNR’s web site for more on public ranges.