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Kinzies named Ridge & Valley Rally Parade Ambassadors
2019 R&V Rally ambassadors
HUEY AND SUZIE KINZIE of Stoney Point Flowers have been selected as the 2019 Ridge & Valley Rally Parade Ambassadors.

SENECA - Huey and Susie Kinzie, the owners of Stoney Point Flowers, have been named the Seneca Ridge and Valley Rally Parade Ambassadors for the July 13 event. 

Stoney Point Flowers started in 1988, with Huey and Susie slowly laying the groundwork for what would become a successful cut- flower business. They began to layout rows of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals with the help of a small crew–made up of people who would become close friends.

The Kinzies kept things small for the first few years, renovating an old granary into a workspace and cooler. Stoney Point Flowers sold primarily at a bouquet boutique and farmers markets in Madison, and Evanston/Wilmette, Ill. 

As success of the operation began to grow, so did their crew. They relied on a local, smaller set staff to work from early February until December. College and high school students were added during the summer months, as they grew busier. They also began to sell primarily to wholesalers in and around the Chicago area.

Lots of people have grown up working at Stoney Point Flowers. The four Kinzie children, Soloman, Nate, Meryl and Kate, and they have all worked for mom and dad. As the business enters their thirty-first year in business, new employees continue to emerge from local schools.

Stoney Point Flowers is a friendly, creative (not to mention beautiful) place to work. The Kinzies have taught their workers, young and old, the value and beauty of hard work. We are very lucky to have them in our community.