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Leadmine Tavern makes Elite Eight Dive Bar

Leadmine Tavern in Benton is competing to be crowned No. 1 Dive bar in the United State. The Dive Bar Road Trip March Dive-Ness Tournament began March 26th with 128 bars from all over the country.

Leadmine Tavern has advanced to the Elite Eight round, with hopes to be crowned the next winner. They will be facing off against 2023’s winner The Edge Eatery and Drinkatorium, on Thursday, April 4.

The competition uses Facebook as the voting platform for the competition and follows a format similar to the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. This years competition has had over

104,863 votes to date, surpassing last years total vote count for the entire tournament.

Here’s how to vote on Thursday, April 4:

1. Visit the Dive Bar Road Trip Facebook Page.

2. Locate the side by side images for Leadmine Tavern and The Edge Eatery and Drinkatorium.

3. Click on the image with Leadmine Tavern listed on it.

4. Click “like” on that image. Your Done.