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Local Fire Department buys updated extrication tools
The Dickeyville-Paris Fire Department purchased a TNT 2 battery powered rescue tools with funding that came from donations, their annual Firehouse Fun Days, and a gun raffle they held in 2016. The TNT 2 battery powered rescue tool comes with cutters, spreaders, ram, 10 lithium batteries with four charges, 1 AC converter to run the tools off a generator if all the batteries would be exhausted, and 4 auto crib-it for stabilizing vehicles.
“Before this purchase we had Hurst Jaws of Life extrication tool,” said Dickeyville-Paris Fire Department fire chief Troy Trost.  “The tools are powered by a gas engine that runs a hydraulic pump that is connected with 30-foot hoses. This set up is great, but has limitations such as distance from the pump and setting up on uneven terrain. Mobility with the hoses connected to the tools can make it difficult to operate as well.  The new extrication tools are battery powered, with being “cordless” we can now start our extractions quicker without having to set up a pump, and possibly move it to for better access. Also, newer cars are being built with a combination of metals that make it difficult for our old extrication tools to cut. With the traffic constantly increasing on 151 we saw the need for a newer, updated set of tools to complement our current tools.”
Several members of the fire department have attended an extrication school held near Milwaukee each year to learn how to use the equipment.  “This a 2-day class that covers many scenarios such as head-on collisions, side impacts, roll overs, crushed vehicles, and unstable vehicles that would need to be stabilized to safely rescue a victim,” said Trost.
The second set of extrication tools allows the fire department to work on multiple cars at once or use multiple tools on one car. “The battery powered tools allow us more mobility and faster and safer rescues,” said Trost. “The first time we used these tools was a head-on collision on 151, which we called Jamestown fire for mutual aide.“
The Dickeyville-Paris Volunteer Fire Department will be holding it’s 11th annual Fun Day and Street Dance on Saturday, July 13. It starts at 3 p.m. with free admission.
The family fun activities include three bounce houses with a water slide and water fights. The silent auction goes from 5-10 p.m. with items such as a one-night stay at Eagle Ridge, 18 holes of golf at Eagle Ridge (foursome), gift cards from area restaurants and stores, and more items added daily. The hog roast will go on from 5-7 p.m. with a cost of $5 a plate and ice-cold beverages (cash bar). At 6:30 p.m., Air Care III (Mercy Medical helicopter) will make an appearance, weather permitting.  
The night will end with a dance at 8 p.m. featuring Ten Gallon Hat with $6 charge.   Tickets will be sold to raffle off a flat screen TV during the dance.