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Local students compete in state trapshooting meet
Chase and Gabe at State
NORTH CRAWFORD TRAP SHOOTERS Chase Baumeister, left, and Gabe McCann, cousins, are shown here at the State High School Clay Target League state competition, held on Saturday, June 9 in Rome, Wisconsin. Both Baumeister and McCann shot a 25 Straight while competing.

NORTH CRAWFORD AND SENECA - On Saturday, June 9, members of both the North Crawford and Seneca trap shooting teams participated in the 2018 State Tournament at the WTA Shooting Complex in Rome, Wisconsin.

The State Tournament is the only event during the year that all Wisconsin High School Clay Target League participants are invited to attend and compete at the same venue. Individuals competed within their assigned shooting skill classification based on their year-end season average. Teams will use their top five member’s scores from any classification for their team score.

North Crawford sent Chase Baumeister, Gabe McCann, Keegan Bender, Kaeden Chellevold, Riley Chellevold, Matt Cody, Caleb Johnson, Sandon McClurg, Satchel McClurg, Gavin Schell, Cameron Steyer and Paxton Swiggum to the state shoot.

Seneca sent Anya Aspenson, Wyatt Bausch, Lucas Kilburg, and Damian Dudenbostel to the state shoot.

North Crawford’s Chase Baumeister and Gabe McCann both shot a ’25 Straight,’ in the competition. Baumeister got his ’25 Straight’ in the first round, and McCann in the second.

“Our athletes really stepped up at the state competition,” North Crawford Coach Jimmer Chellevold said proudly. “In almost all cases, our athletes shot a higher average at state competition than their season averages.”

State averages for North Crawford shooters were Chase Baumeister, 23.75; Keegan Bender, 19.25; Kaeden Chellevold, 19.25; Riley Chellevold, 17; Matt Cody, 19.25; Caleb Johnson, 18.75; Gabe McCann, 23.75; Sandon McClurg, 21; Satchel McClurg, 19.5; Gavin Schell, 22.25; Cameron Steyer, 20.25; and Paxton Swiggum, 18.

State competition averages for Seneca shooters were: Anya Aspenson, 14.75; Wyatt Bausch, 18.75; Lucas Kilburg, 19.25; and Damian Dudenbostel, 15.5.