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GAYS MILLS - Oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. In other words, it's a contradiction of terms–like jumbo shrimp, for example.

We all use or hear oxymorons quite often and sometimes don’t recognize them for what they are.  Oxymorons have been around a while, the term was first recorded clear back in 400 A.D.  The word itself is an oxymoron, being a combination of the Greek words ‘oksu’ for sharp, keen, or pointed, and ‘moros’ for dull, stupid, or foolish–so, keenly dull or pointedly foolish.

Here are some common examples of oxymorons you might have heard or used.

• Suddenly the room was filled with  a deafening silence.

• They have a real love-hate relationship.

• The comedian was seriously funny.

• This is a genuine imitation Rolex watch.

• My trip to Florida last week was a working holiday.

• The sermon lasted for an endless hour.

• They couldn’t wait to get out alone together.

• This apple pie is terribly good.

• We’ll use plastic glasses at the picnic.

• The story was based on a true myth.

• I’m on a heavy diet until my birthday

• That is an example of the typically weird behavior he demonstrates.

• We just had wireless cable installed.

• I feel like I’m growing smaller, as I get older.

• Please give me your unbiased opinion.

• Saying goodbye was a bittersweet experience.

• My neighbor is a very cheerful pessimist.

• There are several civil wars being fought today.

• The new guy was deceptively honest.

• My roommate turned out to be a devout atheist.

• The carpet salesman gave me an exact estimate.

• It looks like these tomatoes have freezer burn.

• The guest host was a big hit with the small crowd.

• Better put some Icy-Hot on that sprain.

• Billy Bob was found to be in ill health.

• Susie showed intense apathy at the fate of the cat.

• The joke went over like a lead balloon.

• The cookies were loosely sealed.

• Bertha was not just a peacenik, she was a militant pacifist.

• He wanted to form a one-man band.

• Some people are just overbearingly modest.

• The tickets were arranged in random order.

• The concert was recorded live.

• I only eat fresh frozen vegetables.

• The neighbor turned out to be a resident alien.

• The old cow was pretty ugly, but gave a lot of milk.

-Please hand me the steel wool.

• I’m reading a true fiction book right now.

And now with a sad smile I’ll close this endless list, since it’s my educated guess you’ve accidentally on purpose found it somewhat irritatingly entertaining.