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Post Prom Preperations Underway
Fundraising goals continue
Post Prom
The Post Prom Team includes, back from left, Dawn Kendrick, Jamie Schultz, Sheri King, Heather Day, Kim Ammon-Aide, Bobbi Jo Pink, Sherry Kieler; seated, from left, Seth, Caleb, Emma, Haylee Jo, Tristan, Brady, and Riley. Not Pictured: Shelley Miles and son Landon, and Brenda Bunn and daughter Lauryn.
As spring is hot on the heels of the outgoing winter season,  The Fennimore post prom committee is also gearing up for its 28th year. Prom this year will be held on Saturday, April 18. with post prom following from 1 a.m. until 4 a.m.
“Post prom allows for the kids to continue the celebration,” organizer Sheri King shared. “It gives them a safe and fun environment and creative alternative to just going home or being out and making negative choices.”
The event in past years has been extremely successful for the organizers and school district with approximately 70 percent of the high school attending.
This year’s events aim to continue the tradition of fun for students.
One major change will be that the celebration will be held at the high school, which will give students who do not drive the option to stay after prom.
“We surveyed the junior class about it and there was an overwhelming response to change the venue,” organizer Kim Ammon-Aide shared. “We spoke with Boone (Tollefson, High School Principal) and the school board and decided to give it a try.”
The class requested to keep the tradition for some things however.
“We’ve always done subs and pizza and they were very adamant that they still wanted subs and pizza,” Ammon-Aide said with a chuckle.
The main event for this years Post Prom celebration will probably be a first in Fennimore history.
“The students decided they wanted laser tag,” King said. “There will also be smaller events going on like cards, an art room, video gaming room, board games, a movie. That’s a piece of it that is fluid, the entertainment. We want the Junior class to take ownership of this event and make it their own.”
King shared that traditionally, the event is ran also by the parents of the Junior class. For the last 12 years it was spear headed by Inez Martin. Following last year’s event she announced that she would be transitioning out of the role and the call was put out other interested community members or parents.
“At first the response was quiet,” Ammond-Aide said. “But now, the amount of mom support we have is excellent. We are happy to do this because it also gives us as moms a piece of mind about their safety.”
The event is chaperoned by parents and community members however, as Ammond-Aide noted, “Many of the kids just really enjoy getting to be able to hang out together. It is chaperoned but they get the freedom to be together.”
This year, post prom is also teaming up with the Fennimore Area Foundation.
“We’ve been really excited to have the Foundation on board this year,” King said. “Post prom parents pass on year to year and it can be difficult to keep going with changes of leadership, so to be under their umbrella has been great.”
A vital aspect of the events success is the support from the community.
The post prom team budgets to be able to give each graduating senior whose attended the event all four years of high school $40. This year, the team anticipates that will eat up about half of their budget.
“The main events like the laser tag is also not cheap, but it will get the kids to want to come and stay,” King noted. “We are glad to be able to offer this because it is interactive and everyone will be able to do it.”
Door prizes are also purchased and given out to attendees of the celebration.
The group hopes to be able to raise funds to be able to expand their door prizes.
“What we will be able to give will be based on what we can raise,” King noted. “The possibilities are endless. If a local family has talents and would like to donate their creations, we’ve had car wash items donated, a local bank has donated a smoothie maker, in the past we’ve had local businesses donate TVs.”
The group hopes to have fund raising completed by March 15.

The students have went out to area businesses and expect to be doing follow ups in the coming days. However, if you or your local business would like to make a donation to the post prom efforts you can contact Sheri King at 612-483-4032. Parents or community members who are interested in volunteering with post prom can check out the Fennimore Post Prom Facebook page or also get in touch with King.