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Area vets participate in Badger Honor Flight
From Boscobel
Updikes on Badger Honor Flight
STAN UPDIKE SR. participated in a recent Badger Honor Flight, along with his son Stan Updike.

BOSCOBEL - On a chilly April Morning, three Boscobel area Veterans embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Stan Updike and Gary Klein of rural Boscobel and James “Pat” Newberry of  Woodman, joined 80 other Wisconsin area Veterans for Mission 46 of the Badger Honor Flight. 

One of the National Honor Flight Network Hubs, the Badger Honor Flight takes World War II, Korean and Vietnam War and terminally ill Veterans from any war to Washington DC to visit the see the memorials created in their honor.  Klein, Updike and Newberry are all Vietnam Veterans.

After a heartfelt send-off which included many flag waving and cheering supporters, the veterans embarked on their day long excursion. The trip included a charter flight from Madison to Washington DC.  It featured stops at the Marine Corps, Korean War, Vietnam Veterans, Lincoln, WWII, Pentagon 9/11, and Air Force Memorials.  They also viewed the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. 

At their stop at the Marine Corps Memorial, the Boscobel contingent was surprised to see a sign in the crowd specifically thanking Boscobel Veterans.  In a case of perfect timing, fellow Veteran Dan Swenson of rural Boscobel happened to be visiting his daughter Mandy Swenson in Washington DC.  They took time out of their touring schedule to greet the Boscobel Veterans.

Gary Klein was further surprised when his daughter, Dr. Bridget Klein, of Bloomsburg Pennsylvania joined him for part of the excursion along with his other daughter Kara Berg who served as his guardian.

On the return flight, reminiscent of their time in service, the veterans were treated to mail call.  Friends and loved ones sent letters and cards showing their appreciation and support. 

Upon arrival back in Madison they were greeted by much fanfare.  Hundreds of supporters waved flags and signs welcoming the mission home.  “It felt like a moment in the sun, a truly enjoyable and memorable day” remarked, Klein when asked about his trip. “It was an honor for me to be able to make this trip - and what made it even more special was that my son who also served in the Air Force 20 years after me and is an Afghanistan Veteran, was able to accompany me as my Guardian,”, added Updike.

More information about the Badger Honor fight including the Veteran application process can be found at