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New details emerged in the Muzenberger and Harris case
Mallery Muenzenberger and Major Harris

BOSCOBEL - New details have emerged in the case of Mallery Munzenberger  and Major Harris. The mother and son pair were brutally murdered last year in Milwaukee and have family ties to the Boscobel area through Mallery’s father and step-mother, Paul and Mary (nee Dremsa) Munzenburger.

In early October of last year, it was believed that Mallery and Major left their Onalaska  residence to head to Milwaukee. Days later, Milwaukee police were called to a home on the 2600 block of North 37th Street in Milwaukee. It was there officials found Mallery’s body, with gunshot wounds that were believed to have led to her death.

Following the positive identification of her body, a statewide Amber Alert for Major was issued. It had been noted in a report by Wisconsin Public Radio that officers were unaware that Mallery had Major with her while traveling to Milwaukee.

Through the investigation a connection was made to Jaheem Clark as a person of interest in Mallery’s death.

Shortly after the connection was made, he was discovered in another Milwaukee home.

It was there upon police arrival, officers heard two gunshots fired and found Clark dead from an apparent suicide.

Statements made by Clark’s family disputed his involvement in Mallery’s death. Despite these disputes, officers confirmed Clark as the murderer, adding that Mallery was found dead in the back yard of a home he lived in.

Additionally, as part of the recently released documents it was noted that there was a witness in the home who alleges seeing Clark grab a gun and go into the bathroom before hearing two shots ring out prior to police entering the residence.

Reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) also points to parts in the documents that indicate phone records were used in the investigation, leading police to friends of Clark who confirmed “that he had seen Clark with his girlfriend, Munzenberger, on Oct. 9 during a drug transaction.”

Further information in the reports appearing in MJS indicate that Clark admitted to the murder of Munzenburger “claiming he feared she was trying to set him up for something and asked his friend for help getting rid of her body and for money to stay  in the hotel.”

More information from the documents also revealed that Munzenburger’s black SUV was discovered by a worker at a laundromat. Following this discovery, as MSJ has reported from the released documents, officials reviewed security footage where they saw a man and woman going from the SUV and washing clothes.

Following this review of security footage, police tracked down the other individual in the video who confirmed that Clark had asked him to help move Mallery’s body, “but they struggled to put her in the SUV and instead left her in the yard,” MJS reported.

In the days following, the search continued for Major and he was ultimately reported to be found by police in a storage bin, having died due to a gunshot to the head.

In new reports from Fox6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn, it has been revealed that the man who helped hide Major’s body has been granted immunity for his part in the crime.

“I just told them where the baby was,” the 21-year-old man told Polcyn on Tuesday Feb. 8. According to Polycn’s story “the man is talking about the deal he cut with Milwaukee prosecutors last fall to help them find Major Harris.”

The information was included on more than 500 pages of case files that were released by the Milwaukee police department  recently.

In the story, Mallery’s father also expresses his upset upon learning the information.

“My daughter and my grandson are murdered in Milwaukee and we have no arrests. Nothing,” Paul is reported saying. The man who took the deal with the prosecutor was identified as Robert Williams. It was also noted that Paul said “he (Paul) reluctantly agreed to the deal last fall but did not feel like he had a choice.” In the Fox6 News story it is noted that “during the five day search for Major Harris police interviewed Williams six times. At first, he said he had nothing to do with it. Williams then admitted to helping Clark dump items in a garbage can.” It was also noted that “Williams Googled ‘how long does it take for a body to decompose,’ but claims he only did so because Clark threatened to kill him if he did not help him.”

According to the story, it was not until after prosecutors offered full immunity that Williams told them where to find the body, which was located in a 30-gallon plastic tote covered with garbage bags. William’s allegedly told Fox6 News that he did in fact help hide the body but insisted that he was not involved with the murder.

The deal was touted as a “last ditch effort” on the part of the Milwaukee County District Attorney Grant Hueber. Hueber told Fox6 News that “Milwaukee County District Attorney Johnson Chisholm would only agree to it if the victim’s family was on board. He insists that both Major’s father, Carlton Harris and his maternal grandparents in La Crosse were both indeed on board.”

Despite Clark dying prior to any positive indication from him in regards to Major’s death, the police confirm that they were “satisfied that Clark killed Muenzenberger and Major before taking his own life.”