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Plane overshoots runway, ends in cornfield
plane off runway
The pilot of this airplane aborted a takeoff at Platteville Municipal Airport Monday morning, and the plane slid off the runway. - photo by Photo by Steve Prestegard

 A two-engine airplane overshot the Platteville Municipal Airport north–south runway on an aborted takeoff and ended up in a cornfield on the south side of the airport property Monday morning.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. Platteville fire and EMS were called to the airport, but neither the pilot nor the passenger were injured.

“The only thing we know is the pilot aborted takeoff; we don’t know why,” said Alaine Olthafer-Lange of A&A Aviation, which manages the airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will decide on whether they will investigate the incident, Olthafer-Lange said.

The Cessna 421B is registered to Blue Hansa LLC of Dayton, Ohio. The plane is “likely totaled,” said Olthafer-Lange. The airport property south of the 4,000-foot-long 15/33 runway had some damage to the crops grown on it from the plane.

The airport was not closed, but air traffic in the vicinity was notified of the possibility of vehicles on the runway, Olthafer-Lange said.