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Turkey Hunters Urged to Report Feral Pig Sightings
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State wildlife officials are encouraging turkey hunters to keep an eye out for feral pigs - hunters can report feral pig sightings and harvest on the Department of Natural Resources Web site at, keyword “Feral Pigs”.

Feral pigs are highly destructive because of the rooting they do in search of food. They’re also efficient predators, preying on many species including white-tailed deer fawns and ground-nesting birds like grouse, woodcock, turkeys, and songbirds.

State officials request that anyone shooting a feral pig call a DNR Service Center or contact a DNR wildlife biologist so that blood and tissue samples can be collected for disease testing. 

Wildlife biologist to contact are;

• Crawford and Vernon Counties - Dave Matheys at 608-637-3938 or

• Grant and Richland Counties – Daniel Goltz at 608-485-0876 or