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Random Thoughts of Wendell Smith
“Spring – What does it mean to you?
Random Thoughts by Wendell Smith
Something called “Spring” is about to be part of our lives. But that little word can have many meanings to various folks.
My Grandfather Smith spent part of his boyhood growing up in Mineral Point. His father worked in the mines as a drover, hauling lead ore from mines to a smelter.
I never knew Grandpa except as an old man. Vi and I visited him in Nebraska the first time we returned to that state after moving here.
One of the first questions he asked was, “Do the May-flowers still bloom on the hillsides in the spring.” It was obvious the flowers had a special place in his heart.
“Spring” can mean many things. To a fireman it may mean there will probably be grass fires to fight. The Smokey Bear sign by the firehouse carries that message.
As a kid my older brother enjoyed April Fool jokes. “Look, there’s a robin,” before the robins had returned. In Muscoda morel mushrooms can be substituted for robins.
Some folks don’t like spring dandelions showing up in their front yard. On the other hand, I recall a Riverdale School Nurse who loved dandelions – “the Children’s Flower”.
To me, the arrival of spring and the return of nesting Canada Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Swans, plus Pussy Willow bouquets, are reason to celebrate a new season.

Grandpa Smith had a story about a Mineral Point pioneer who left the door of his log cabin open to let in the fresh air on a warm evening and a wolf came in. The family climbed into the loft and man killed the wolf with an ax from the fireplace. That would make an exciting TV show any season of the year.