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Darlington Lions help transport eye tissue
Lions Tissue Box
Just a box? On closer examination one reads on the box, Human Eyes. This box contains live human eye tissue, and is one of 18 that the Darlington Lions Club have been transporting to the Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank in Madison for surgical implants.

    The Darlington Lions Club is involved in transporting human eye tissue from a location in Dodgeville to the Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank in Madison.
    “During the month of June, members of the club made 18 trips carrying a box such as this,” said Darlington Lions Club transport coordinator, Bernie Ruf.
    The eye tissue in the box is live and will be surgically implanted in a recipient’s eye(s) the next day, restoring that person’s sight.
    One of the major emphases of the lions organization involves the Gift of Sight and this is just one example of what the local club is doing to support such emphasis.